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The Best and Spookiest Halloween Wallpapers

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Hunting for a Haunting Desktop

Though it seems a long way off, one of the West’s spookiest holidays is looming over the ever-darkening horizon, and sooner than you’ll think that bright, summery wallpaper you’ve got on your desktop will be completely out of fashion. Why stick with some much-too-happy birds singing some minuet when you can have a Jack-o’-Lantern engulfed in mysterious flame instead? Fortunately, there are some brilliant artists out there, and they’ve produced some remarkable works of art. All you have to do is look on the Internet.

Though he’s known mostly for his colorful, playful art, Vlad Gerasimov excels even when he’s provided with only the darkened colors of autumn–and his Halloween wallpaper collection shows just that. Gerasimov’s work runs the gamut of creativity; his “Ghosts” series, for instance, is simple as to not overdo the Halloween effect, while my personal favorite, “Halloween: Trick or Treat? (Pac-Man Edition)” parodies the ghosts chasing around Pac-Man in his famous video game. Meanwhile, though tiny, the showcase of Halloween desktops over at CSS Creme is very fit for those into minimalism, with simple wallpapers often with only a single, representative Halloween graphic–but, as fitting for minimalist art, the technique is very effective. Both Gerasimov’s and CSS Creme’s work certainly should not be overlooked, and when Halloween’s over, you might even be tempted to keep your wallpaper till Christmas!

If you’re into the spookier side of Halloween, rather than cutesy-leaning-on-adorable work, the artists over at Wallcoo.net have a delightfully grim collection that borders the truly horrific and the rather unsettling. Filled with ominous black cats and wicked witches, these backgrounds offer much more than Gerasimov in the way of scares, and are perfect for the festivities of All Hallows’ Eve. Since they’re geared specifically towards Halloween, however, they lack some of the comedy Gerasimov uses, and therefore won’t last a day past October. They serve their purpose well, however, and definitely will put your Halloween spirit up a notch.

(And for those brave at heart, the garish terrors this desktop-wallpapers.ro collection should curb even the most courageous tendencies. With screaming faces and abhorrent gore, this collection should definitely be kept away from children–and possibly grown-ups–in case of nightmares normally only a good horror flick would induce. Download at your own risk!)

Finally, if you’d rather take a more abstract view on Halloween, rebelling against the myriad of pumpkins and witches and mummies (oh, my!), the autumn colors at Patrick Gunderson’s Flickr photostream should do a good job of portraying the kaliedoscope of colors Halloween evokes, while

These four hallowed wallpaper galleries should be enough to curb most anyone’s Halloween desktop craving. I’ll leave you with this final, somewhat geeky wallpaper from Social Wallpapering: a portrait of a digitally induced Halloween that perhaps went too far.

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