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The Best Haunted House Halloween Attraction in the Country – Headless Horseman

Published by Irina Spinoza

website details everything you might need to know about Headless Horseman. Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is located on Route 9W in Ulster Park, NY. Directions to the Scream Park from every direction are listed on their web page here.

The Experience

When you arrive at the park you will park your car in a very safe lot with attendants ensuring security. You must leave everything in your car – no cameras allowed! They will confiscate them unless you take them back to your car, so just leave them there. You will retrieve or buy your tickets at a booth before entering. I strongly recommend buying tickets ahead of time online because the evening rides are always packed; it’s not worth the risk. Lighters and other dangerous materials are also prohibited, they check everyone with wands to ensure compliance for safety reasons.

Arrive early! Lines can be long, so allowing at least 20 minutes of line time is a good way to make sure you get onto your ride on time.

The first thing you will experience is your Haunted Hayride. They change the theme and storyline every year, so it’s always a surprise. Their special effects and timing are excellent, so without giving anything away, be prepared to jump and scream!

After your mile-long hayride, you will have the option to visit the shops, see the live show, or get some food before entering the maze or the haunted houses. They also change the theme of each of these every year, so no matter how many times you go, it’s a new and equally frightening experience. Everything is outdoor, so if the night is chilly, layer up because standing in line can get cold very quickly. It can also be a bit muddy if there was recent rain, so make sure to wear appropriate shoes.

The five Haunted Houses are accessed through two different lines. The first will take you through the first big haunted house and then out into the haunted maze and two other small haunted houses. This will open back up to the main area right next to the line for the grand finale haunted house. They have all kinds of effects set up to raise the hair on the back of your neck and provoke a scream when you least expect it. Tickets for Headless Horseman are $33.00 this year, which isn’t cheap. The experience is well worth the money, though.

The quality of this Scream Park is unmatched in my experience (and research). Their FAQ is very useful to read before you go. Although Headless Horseman has something for everyone, it is not recommended for children under 8, and children under five are not allowed. There is, however, a Children’s Day event, where the park adjusts its program so that it is more kid-friendly. There is a daytime hayride, “a walk through our corn maze, haunted gardens, country games, face painting, and entertainment make this the perfect outing for families with young children.” The date for Children’s day is October 9th, from 12:00 – 3:30 pm.

No matter your previous Halloween experiences, Headless Horseman is an amazing Halloween activity that offers something for every guest. I hope your experience will be as wonderfully frightening as mine was!

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