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The Best of Halloween

Published by Mckinley Catterton

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America’s Most Haunted House

Though a trip to a deeply Southern corner of Arkansas may not be on many people’s agenda for one of the most popular holidays of the year, haunted house aficionados should consider adding the small, sleepy college town of Monticello, AR to their list of spooky places to spend a haunted night in.

As a child growing up in a town not far from Monticello, AR I have fond memories of the “haunted houses” that local churches would put on for the kids. Spaghetti and grapes would sell out at area grocery stores and the uninformed would later be subjected to “eye ball stew” and “intestines” which we couldn’t see due to the blindfolds placed over our eyes by those adults we loved and trusted.

However, the offerings in Monticello are of quite a different sort. The local cemetery isn’t the only hang-out for spirits who haven’t crossed over to the other side. Laying in wait for those who love to be spooked is the Allen House, touted as the most haunted house in America by BestandWorst.com. The home, owned by Mark and Rebecca Spencer, is said to be frequented by the ghost of a former inhabitant, Ladelle Allen Bonner.

An upstanding citizen in the community, she succeeded in ending her life when, on December 26, 1948, she consumed one of the most poisonous substances known, mercury cyanide. Alcohol likely played a role in her unfortunate death, which came after a divorce and the demise of her son, Elliott Allen Bonner.

The current residents offer Halloween tours by appointment at $10 for adults and $5 for children under age 10. Special Halloween tours are available on a limited basis. The “Midnight Hour Tour,” runs Oct. 30 and Oct. 31, with only forty tickets being sold at $30 each. This tour starts at 11 pm and ends around 1am and includes access to the widow’s walk. A full description can be found on their website www.allenhousetours.com/, along with contact information and a history of the house.



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