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The Best Places to Find Free Halloween Music Online

Published by Ernesto Fabroquez

http://homepage.ntlworld.com provided wave sound, midi music and real player files. The music provided is various synthesized music. The site also has various graphics of ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, witches and fire.

Scary Stuff located at http://www.cavernsofblood.com/scarystuff offers creepy fonts, animated gifs, sounds and midis. The sounds are spooky sounds, such as wolves howl and a woman screaming.

Also if you want to hear original synthesized music try http://www.musicdownloadinsturmentalsongs.com. The music is by Bruce Johnson.

Another site is Dave’s free Halloween sounds, located at http://www.davesworld56.250free.com/DavesHalloweenSounds.html.

Hundreds of free Halloween sounds, as well as Halloween gifts, midis and photos. Music can be played on the web without downloading.

Don’t forget www.dizzler.com/music/halloween. You can even create your own play list by creating a free account.

13th Track located at http://www.13thtrack.com has a Halloween Music Player that you can minimize while you surf the web. Also they have CD’s for sale by various artists and you can click on the picture of the CD to hear the song for free.

Free Music and Sounds located at http://www.komar.org/halloween/music-sounds/ offers scary Halloween sounds as well as music. It also offers instructions on how to setup a light show for Halloween.

I love Wavs at http://www.ilovewaves.com/Holidays/Halloweeen/Music/HalloweenMusic.htm offers a long list of Halloween songs to play on your computer. Among them are the Addams Family, Alfred Hitchcock Hour Theme, All Hallows Eve, Are you read for Halloween and Charlie Brown- The Great Pumpkin Waltz and much much more.

Haunted Illinois located at http://www.hauntedillinois.com/midi.php offers various Halloween songs such as the Adams Family Waltz, Aliens Theme, Beetle Juice Theme, Bewitched theme. You can play the music on the computer or download the music using the directions on the site.

All about Halloween offers Haunted Halloween sounds. Also Halloween songs such as the famous Monster Mash, Black Sabbath, Frankenstein, Diary of a Madman, Witchey Woman, Devil with the Red dress on, Elvira, Funeral March and Werewolves of London. It is located at http://www.all-about-halloween.com/free-halloween-music.com. The site offers how to tips on how to make various Halloween decorations and Halloween stories. Also this site offers a free newsletter.

So enjoy these sites to have a spooktacular Halloween. You will be glad you did.

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