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The Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Three Easy Ideas for Harvest Holiday Tables

Published by Loyd Artale

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A centerpiece is one of the first things people notice when sitting down to eat, and it plays a big part in decorating the table. When the occasion is as special as Thanksgiving dinner, the centerpiece should be just as significant. Luckily, the options for Thanksgiving centerpieces go way beyond a typical floral bouquet, and yet they are still easy to pull together. Create a unique centerpiece for Thanksgiving with one of these made-for-the season ideas.

Cornucopia Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Dinner

A cornucopia is a classic Thanksgiving decoration. Filled with a bounty of fall fruit and vegetables, it is a perfect representation of the season and is just right for the centerpiece on a traditional Thanksgiving table. Use these tips for a classic look, or switch it up a bit with modern-style cornucopias.

  • Wicker cornucopias come in many different sizes to fit on any table. Fill one with full with harvest crops such as pumpkins, squash, corn, apples and pears for a traditional holiday centerpiece.
  • For a modern touch, paint wicker cornucopias white or a fun fall color. Instead of a variety of fruits, fill it with only one type such as only pears or only corn.
  • There is no rule stating cornucopias must be horn-shaped baskets made out of wicker or similar materials. Consider unexpected containers as stand-ins for the usual cornucopias. Wire baskets, knitted or crocheted bowls and metal buckets all make interesting holders. Just fill them with traditional harvest fruits.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpieces

Hopefully, there are uncarved pumpkins left over from Halloween that can serve time on a Thanksgiving table. If not, other gourds and round produce stand in nicely for these Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas using pumpkins. They require almost no work, just the right dishware and proper placement on the table.

  • Create a pumpkin table runner that also serves as the centerpiece. Use pumpkins in different sizes, shapes and colors, and place them down the center of the table.
  • Fill a ceramic or glass vase with branches (from either the yard or a craft store). Use fall-colored ribbon to hang mini pumpkins from the branches.
  • Stack a variety of pumpkins on a tiered server or stacked cake stands for an easy centerpiece that add height to the table.

Natural Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Even though a floral bouquet may be boring, that does not mean flowers and other arrangement cannot be used. Create a stunning natural centerpiece for Thanksgiving using colorful mums, wheat stalks and pretty ribbon. Both mums and wheat showcase the beauty of fall and, though they are traditional items, can be put together in a modern way.

  • Place mums (all one color) in a tall vase. Attach wheat around vase, trimming stalks so they are slightly shorter than the mums, and tie a pretty ribbon around them.
  • Set a large bunch of dried wheat stalks in the center of the table. Insert clipped blooms of mums into the stalks.
  • Start with three cylindrical glass vases. Place a mum in each one, and put individual wheat stalks inside to lean against the glass.

Remember to choose a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner appropriate for the holiday table. Serving food on a buffet or counter allows for a more elaborate centerpiece, but with food on the table, a smaller design might be best.

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