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The Best Thanksgiving Table Accessories: Add Style With Festive Accents for Holiday Dinner

Published by Ira Leduke

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Accessorizing the Thanksgiving dinner table is the area to really have fun. To complete Thanksgiving place settings include handmade touches and remember the little details from napkin colors to small gifts at each setting. Although these pieces are not necessary for Thanksgiving, especially if it is only a casual dinner, they are still fun ways to add a personal touch to holiday table settings. Consider injecting style to Thanksgiving place settings with these three ideas for place cards, napkin rings and favors.

Thanksgiving Place Cards

When expecting extra guests at the holiday table, place cards are the best way to organize seating and prevent any confusion over which chair to sit in. Plus, they are fun to make and easy, too. A few craft supplies and a little time is all that is needed to create festive Thanksgiving place cards with a personal touch.

  • Use a large leaf-shaped paper punch (found at crafts stores) to make a leaf-shaped place card for each guest. Or, simply cut out leaf shapes with scissors. Make sure to use fall-colored paper such as brown, orange and gold.
  • Turn small fruits (pumpkins, pears, etc) into place card holders by cutting a slit in the stem and inserting a card.
  • For a fun twist on name cards, print out a small photograph of each guest. Use double-stick tape to attach paper pilgrim hats or bonnets to each one.

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

While napkin rings do serve some function of holding a napkin together, they mostly add a decorative touch to the Thanksgiving dinner table. Choose a simple or elaborate, elegant or humorous design to match the style of your family. Either way, Thanksgiving napkin rings provide a unique look to an ordinary table and may become a conversation starter.

  • For a simply elegant way to hold napkins, tie a satin ribbon around each one. Stick in a few wheat stalks, dried leaves or berries for seasonal interest.
  • Give kids some paper, crayons and glue, and have them make napkin rings. If needed, provide strips of paper as the ring and let kids cut and color paper to look like turkey feathers. Tape feathers onto a paper strip, and tape it together around each napkin.

Simple Thanksgiving Favors

Since it is a holiday about giving thanks, why not show your guests you appreciate them coming to Thanksgiving dinner. This does not need to be a fancy or expensive gift. Just top off each person’s place setting with small token that will make them smile.

  • Handwrite a thank you note to leave at each seat. Leave extra paper and pens nearby to encourage everyone to write their own notes of gratitude.
  • In addition to the main dessert, individual slices of pie or some cookies in cute packaging for each guest to take home. They can enjoy a part of Thanksgiving dinner the day after.

Paying extra attention to the little details on a Thanksgiving table helps it stand out from an everyday dinner table. Use these creative ideas for place cards, napkin rings and gifts to make Thanksgiving place settings special.

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