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The Best Traditions for Thanksgiving Holidays: Planning for the Thanksgiving Weekend

Published by Quinton Vandertuig

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Families who are searching for the best Thanksgiving day traditions should consider both tried and true traditions, as well as new and unique family traditions. Traditions can help families have a memorable and lasting Thanksgiving holiday.

A Small Thanksgiving Gift

Special gifts do not need to be held for the Christmas holiday. Instead, families can make it a tradition to give a small Thanksgiving gift every year. The gift should be a small token gift to show someone how much they are loved. In addition, each family member can take the opportunity to write a letter for another family member that contains a list of things that they are grateful for.

Families can also give a larger gift to others by volunteering at a local homeless shelter or food bank. Taking the time out of holiday celebrations to serve a meal to others is a rewarding experience that can teach both adults and children the value of serving others.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Every Thanksgiving there are several parades that can be attended by families. These parades are typically viewed via a television broadcast, but can also be attended in person. Thanksgiving Day parades have been a tradition in many homes throughout the years. Families wishing to make a Thanksgiving day parade part of their holiday tradition should find out broadcasting times for specific parades across the U.S.

Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner

Each Thanksgiving families gather for a holiday dinner. This in itself is a special holiday tradition. However, families can go further by serving specific foods at their Thanksgiving holiday dinner. Parents can also make a special tradition by incorporating a special prayer or scripture before the meal. Family members can also take turns giving thanks for their blessings. Younger children may need to be coaxed into this practice by placing a few pieces of candy on their dinner setting. For each piece of candy, the recipient must say one thing they are grateful for.

Thanksgiving Day Football

Sports fanatics can create a special Thanksgiving day tradition by playing football with their family while waiting for dinner. Each Thanksgiving, football games are aired on television and families can also take the opportunity to catch up on the game after a heavy meal. Whether watching or playing, football is a great way to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold outdoors to enjoy sports.

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