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The BestFestival CollectionsHalloween Articles

Published by Altagracia Rouser

Halloween party meals and cakes. Learn how to do fun Halloween crafts. And last but not least – get important tips on keeping your kids and pets safe during Halloween.

History of Halloween

by Randy Inman

Start by reading up on Halloween’s roots. Learn how it originated in a Celtic festival, was adapted by the Romands, and then by the Catholic Church. Find out how traditions like Trick-or-Treating and carving Jack-o-Lanterns go back to ancient times.

History of Halloween in Old Salem

by Dahloan Hembree

Salem, Massachusetts hosts one of the most extensive Halloween celebrations in the United States. The town’s week of activities is called Salem Haunted Happenings. It includes a tour of sites associated with the Puritan witch trials of 1692. You can also visit three museums dedicated to witches, and many haunted houses.

Vintage Inspired Halloween Crafts

by RS

Decorate for Halloween like Grandma did. Five great tips on classic ways to decorate your home for Halloween atmosphere. Includes some vintage crafts project ideas.

25 Great Halloween Decorating Ideas for Ghoulish Fun

by Slate Stone

The title says it all. Spook your guests and get in the Halloween spirit by following these 25 tips for turning your home into a monster mansion.

How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin

by Kassidy Emmerson

Step-by-step instructions on how to carve a great Jack-o-Lantern. Includes safety tips for yourself and your kids.

Halloween Safety for Your Dog

by Christine Cadena

Great tips on how to keep your dog from getting scared or hurt before, during, and after Halloween.

Scary Halloween Dinner Party Ideas

by RS

Four ideas on how to make your Halloween dinner party really creepy. Start with sound effects, add table decorations (such as shrunken heads) and cupcakes with graveyard frosting.

Halloween Ouija Board Cake

by RS

Detailed instructions on baking and decorating a cake with a Ouija Board theme.

How to Make Gross Food for Halloween

by Marsha Raasch

Turn eggs, tomatoes, vegetables and cheese into five disgusting dishes with names like “Strained Eyeballs” and “Oozing Pimples”. Your kids will love them.

Trick or Treat Safety on Halloween

by Shannon Wilson

Five tips for concerned parents on keeping their kids safe in traffic and from bad people while Trick-or-Treating.

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