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The Halloween Carnival: A 6th Grade Field Trip Tradition in Lakeview, Oregon

Published by Mimi Escober

Portland and back. As the children’s excitement boils beyond containment they are eager to begin the fundraising events.

The first fundraising bang of the year begins with the traditional Halloween Carnival. Oh boy, does this event draw a crowd. The middle school allows the children to set up carnival games in the gym. These games include bowling, fishing, cake walks, golfing, basketball, coin tosses, and the famous jail where you lock your parents up!

Each person, upon entering the carnival, purchases carnival tickets or a carnival band that allows them limitless access to all games with the exception of the cake walk and coin toss. At most games you are always a winner. Kids receive small Halloween trinkets and candy as winners.

This carnival serves three purposes. The first purpose is to fundraise for the field trip. The second purpose is to provide a safe environment for all for both the young and the old. The final reason is to provide pure home town country family oriented association in a warm environment.

In addition, the children also provide other entertainment, food, and a variety of hot and cold drinks. Although the parents are large contributors to the event and supervise, the children actually tend to the booths, food court, and entrance tickets. As one of the largest fundraising events of the year, the money raised measures close to the money that is raised by car washes, bake sales, and even the Valentine “girlfriends” movie and chocolate bizarre weekend.

Field Trip Destinations

Having four children who have attended the 6th grade field trip, it should be noted that there are really no set destinations and it varies slightly from year to year. Here are some of the places my children were able to experience on their trips. My children’s stopping points included the state capital, which is Salem, OMSI, Nike Corporation, and Marinara Square which has features such as The Wax Museum, Undersea Gardens, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

The students then go on to spend the night in Newport at the Oregon Coast Aquarium where they safely roam the reserved aquarium laughing and playing. One of my children report that the highlight of their field trip was sleeping in a submarine and another will never forget sleeping in the glass tunnel at the aquarium and watching sting rays and fish gliding above them. Also, it should not be forgotten that they enjoy a hot dog and Smores roast on the beach. Another famous attraction is eating some clam chowder from the famous Moe’s Restaurant.


While all of my children experienced their first multiple nights away from home on the sixth grade fieldtrip, I do not think a one of them missed their parents one bit. To this day I hear about their experiences in detail. They learned how to cope just fine without their parents, managed their spending money quite well, kept track of their belongings just fine, enjoyed their freedom without a domineering parent tracking down their every move, and learned that they are not professional photographers.

So with a little more knowledge of science, shoe making, aquatic creatures, beach life, museum history, and a visit to the state capitol under their belt, they gained some independence that made them who they are today…..all from the start of fundraising and managing a Halloween Carnival.

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