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The Origin of National Zombie Awareness Month

If the zombie apocalypse really ever happens, most horror movie fans and just about anyone who has ever seen a zombie flick, will know exactly what they need to do to survive the hordes of living dead. The zombie apocalypse may not be happening right now, but Zombie Mania definitely is a phenomena that has been taking the world by storm for many years and has even inspired a commemorative day to recognize the corpsey creatures. So where did the origins of National Zombie Awareness Month take root?

One of the main reasons why National Zombie Awareness Month happens to be in the month of May is because most of the most amazing and memorable zombie movies are set in the month of May, which also happens to be spring time, when new life begins.

Who is responsible for this crazy annual display of affection for the dead who are now living due to zombie virus infection? Well according to the Zombie Research Society which was founded in 2007, they did!

Why would they do something that so many critics would say and do say is ridiculous as dedicating a day to the living dead? The Zombie Research Society says it is to prepare the nation and the world for what could be a real zombie pandemic in the future and to have a whole lot of fun doing it!

So how do people celebrate this “day of the dead” (trust me the pun was definitely intended)? Well many colleges in the Uniyed States hold Zombie Runs, and many organizations have taken the opportunity to hold beneficial events for the public, like Zombie Food Drives to get non-perishible foods to help families in need! A friend of mine whos birthday falls in the month away recently had a zombie birthday bash as well!

So what are your plans this month for Zombie Awareness Month? Perhaps you should organize an event for your local organizations or have a party of your own! Just remember to use the month to its fullest and have fun while getting prepared for what could be the end of the world as we know it!

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