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The Real Christmas Message: Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men

Published by Racheal Burdex

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Christmas stirs up the annual debate about the loss of the religious meaning of this holiday because of the secular gift giving, partying and decorating. Yet the emphasis of Christmas has moved from a religious festival to a secular holiday and many people of different faiths or no faiths would be unhappy about being denied their annual holiday.

Yet many people misread the emphasis of Christmas, which should be, “Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men.” This is one simple message which everyone of all, or no, faith can stick to.

Christmas Intolerance

It is sad that at this special time too many people are caught up with political correctness to share this message. Schools are afraid to utter the word “Christmas,” nativity plays are banned and saying “Jesus” is out of the question.

Yet most people feel that this goes too far. Karen Holgate of the Capitol Resource Institute said of one teacher, “She’s so discouraged now…she doesn’t know if she wants to keep on teaching. … People need to stand up to all these wackos. It’s nuts!”

In Defence of Christmas

As a Christian country, Britain has hopefully gone through the stage of denying Christmas and will fully embrace the holiday as both a religious event and – for the non-Christians – a general holiday.

It is part of the country’s heritage and cultural identity to celebrate Christmas and to deny it is to impose views upon a reluctant population and so also refuse the message of Christmas.

Other Religions

It is those people in charge, rather than those affected, who dream up the idea of muting Christmas. Very few people of other faiths speak out against the celebration of Christmas, just as Christians don’t criticise Eid, Hanukkah or Divali.

Religious celebrations are about a time of inclusion rather than exclusion and those Christians who promote the peace and goodwill message will only help to reduce tensions and improve relations between different groups.

These festivals are not a time for a Christian to push a way to the front of the religious queue and highlight the importance of Christmas over other religious festivals, but instead to promote the teachings and understanding of Christianity.

Taking Christ out of Christmas

Taking Christ out of Christmas not only minimises Christianity, it also renders Christmas an impotent festival. Although this would undoubtedly cheer those non-Christians who treat Christmas as a secular festival, the tables would soon be turned when Christmas becomes a single-day national holiday in an ever-increasing non-religious world.

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