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The Scariest Halloween Movies!

Published by Arletha Kropfelder

scary movie is a smart movie that is well constructed to affect the psyche of the viewer. This list of movies are not just scary, but are well made pieces of art that exist as a showcase of human emotion.

1. The Descent
A freaky movie that doesn’t just deal with monsters, but the fear of being enclosed in tight, dark spaces with monsters. This film is sure to be a classic.

2. Halloween (original John Carpenter Classic)
While the remake has some merits on its own, you simply can’t compare to the original classic. One of the things that I love about this movie is the fact that it is so random. Sure, Michael Myers has been explained in recent years (ad nausea with Rob Zombie’s versions)-but in this first film, he was just after a baby sitter with no rhyme or reason.

3. 28 Days Later
For years I have been saying that this director was going somewhere (and he has–think Slumdog Millionaire), and this film showcases his ability to transcend the horror/zombie genre and achieve an extremely emotive piece.

4. Psycho
The Alfred Hitchcock classic and the birth of the slasher film.

5. The Ring
So I might loose some creditability with this addition, but this movie scared me to death. It is actually a pretty well-made film that mixes horror with modern technology–and it is MUCH better than the subsequent Japanese remakes that followed The Ring’s success.

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