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The Ten Best Stocking Fillers for Adults for Christmas

Published by Caryl Delamarter

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Christmas stockings are supposed to be for the kids. But if the kids get one, everyone wants one, don’t they? Which is all fine, but while kids’ stockings can be stuffed with toys and fun size Mars bars, filling an adult one can be a bit more problematic.

But fear not, because here are a selection of fantastic small gifts for Christmas:


Christmas Stocking Fillers and Small Gifts for Adults

A quick selection that could be suitable for the mister or the missus.

  • A small book can generally fit into most comedy oversized Christmas stockings, and this year the one to get is iTwit: Fake Apps for Genuine Idiots (Fintan Coyle and Dan Louw). It’s a genuinely funny comedy book of imaginary Apps for the iPhone. Priced at £7.99, but Amazon are flogging it for about a fiver at the time of writing – a bargain that will lighten the mood when everyone’s drunk at about 3pm.
  • The NeoCube might just be the best stocking present ever. It doesn’t look like much: a large collection of very small, magnetic silver balls. But all kinds of geometric shapes and sizes can be made from it. We have one in our house and once any visitor gets their hands on it, they don’t let it go until they leave – it’s unbelievably addictive. Cost is about £15.
  • The Anti-Spill Mug, available to order from the Natural History Museum, is not only a great gift, but also environmentally friendly. It looks like one of those paper coffee shop cups, but it’s made of porcelain with a lid.
  • Eco Dryerballs. OK, not particularly exciting, but these little balls with knobs on soften clothes in the dryer as well as reducing fluff and allowing easier ironing. Great size for a stocking, too.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Him

A few ideas to chuck in to the old man’s holey old sock.

  • Gardening gloves sound dull, but check out these Bionic beauties made by Elite. They look more like cool BMX rider gloves. Not just for gardening, either. They can also be used if pretending to be some kind of superhero.
  • The Homer Simpson Bottle Opener. The risk of getting a load of old tat in a stocking is high, but just about any man, and particularly dads, will love this little gift. Every time he cracks open a bottle of ale he’ll be treated to Homer groaning, “Mmm beer… Yes, oh yes! Wahoo!”
  • A pair of hand warmers are particularly, er, handy, for the man who slogs round a golf course throughout the winter. M&S have some decent ones for a fiver.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Her

Some treats for the lady of the house.

  • Buying a handbag for someone else is a risky business, not to mention expensive. But these days eco-friendly cotton reusable shopping bags are pretty popular and often cheap. Plus they fold up nicely to fit in a stocking. People Tree make a particularly nice one, but there are dozens on the market.
  • Rococo Chocolates make stupendous chocolatey treats. Their Christmas Holly & Berry Dragees are available to order and come in neat cube packaging: small but beautiful.
  • Buy a gift voucher, online or otherwise. Fold it up nicely, place it in a small box, wrap it up and chuck it in the stocking. OK, she’ll think it’s going to be jewellery, but this is a stocking – the gifts are meant to be affordable.

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