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The Top Agencies at the Cannes Ad Festival: TBWA Johannesburg, Cumminsnitro of Brisbane and Boondoggle Win Big

Published by Bryon Bohnker

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TBWA Johannesburg, Cumminsnitro of Brisbane, Australia and the Boondoggle agency of Leuven, Belgium were the biggest winning agencies at the Cannes Advertising Festival in France. United States agencies won more advertising awards than any other nation. Europe topped all continents.

Those standings are based on the number of Grand Prix and Gold Lions awards given in the nine advertising categories most attractive to general ad agencies. A total of 105 Grand Prix and Gold Lions were presented in the Film, Media, Cyber, Radio, Direct Mail, Press, Outdoor, Titanium and Integrated categories. The Design, Promotion, Public Relations and Young Lions categories were not included in the calculations because they are not primarily professional advertising categories.

DDB, with winning offices in London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Dusseldorf and San Francisco, won Gold Lions for six different clients, more than any other agency. Saatchi & Saatchi offices in New York, London and Sydney, Australia won for three different clients, as did BBH offices in London and New York.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Goodby Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco won Gold awards for three different clients, more than any other single agency office. The American agencies were led by Crispin Porter+Bogsky of Boulder, Colorado with four awards, all for its Burger King “Whopper Sacrifice” ads. It was followed by BBH, Drogas5 of New York and Goodby with three each.

The Obama/Biden Presidential Campaign won two Grand Prix awards for its campaign video. The Entertainment42 agency of Pasadena, California won America’s only other Grand Prix with its “Why So Serious?” Cyber entry for Warner Bros. Worldwide Marketing.

Boondoggle Led Belgium Agencies

Belgium led all European agencies with Boondoggle, Happiness and MortierBrigade winning a total of 11 Grand Prix and Gold Lions. Because Cannes allows the same materials to be entered in multiple categories, five entries won about 23% of the 105 awards. And four of those five won additional awards in Design, Promotion or Public Relations.

The five entries that dominated the advertising awards were:

Cumminsnitro Promoted Great Barrier Reef

  • “The Best Job in the World” campaign conducted for Tourism Queensland by Cumminsnitro of Brisbane. The campaign, which promoted islands of the Great Barrrier Reef, won Grand Prix awards in both the Cyber and Direct Mail categories, plus two Golds in Direct and one in Media. It also won three awards in Public Relations.
  • The “Trillion Dollar” campaign conducted for the Zimbabwean Newspaper by the TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris agency in Johannesburg, South Africa. It won five awards in the Outdoor, Media, Titanium and Integrated categories, including a Grand Prix in outdoor. It also won a Gold in Design.
  • The Banner Concerts campaign produced for the Axion bank by the Boondoggle agency of Leuven, . It won six awards in the Cyber, Media and Direct Mail categories.

Crispin Porter+Bogsky Wins for Burger King

  • The Burger King “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign produced by Crispin Porter+Bogsky of Boulder, Colorado. It won four awards in the Titanium, Cyber and Media categories.
  • “The Great Schlep” presidential endorsement program conducted for the Jewish Council by Drogas5 of New York. It won three awards in Titanium, Cyber and Direct Mail, plus a fourth in the new Public Relations category.

Cannes presented its agency of the year award to DDB Brasil of São Paulo. That award is given to the agency that obtains the highest score for entries in the Press, Outdoor, Film and Radio sections.

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