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The Top Five Best Halloween Movie Marathons

Published by Lolita Terra

scary movie character, but because during the whole month there are horror movies on all the time. Usually the good ones won’t be until the last thirteen days before Halloween, but some channels will show scary movies all month long. So it’s always best to be prepared for October and what top channels to switch too, so you don’t miss out on your favorite movie.

Like always, the Syfy channel always has some weird and sometimes spooky shows and movies. But once Halloween rolls around, they play everything that is scary and always an audience favorite. And they start from the first day of the month with The Mummy and Critters. They call their marathon, 31 Days of Halloween movie. In fact, even if it’s not Halloween, the Syfy channel is probably the best channel that plays horror movies.

AMC usually has some great classic horror movies on their station during October. When watching this channel, you’ll usually come across older movies, as well as sequels. One of the hit movies that they usually show every year are the Halloween movies. Halloween is the classic Michael Myers thriller where a masked man is a serial killer and usually goes after his victims within his own family. They usually have a 24 hour marathon of this movie and it’s sequels.

Bravo always shows every year their famous Top 100 Scariest Movie Moment show which is awesome for all horror movie lovers. It shows the top 100 scariest scenes from all different kinds of horror movies. Some you will agree with, some you won’t, but either way it’s a great show to watch.

If you miss it, you can always check out their list on Amazon and watch the movies yourself. Be your own judge!
Bravo’s The 100 Scariest Movie Moment Movies

If your looking for more of a family type horror movies, tune into Abc family. Their horror movies won’t terrify your kids to the point where they have nightmares, instead they will provide movies more based around Halloween themes like witches or ghosts. A great Halloween movie they show is Hocus Pocus, a movie with a great cast and great music, while keeping its creepy moments.

And lastly, the best channels of them all to have would be if you have Comcast or another cable program that has HBO and Starz. These are strictly movies, and they usually have a very wide variety of the different scary movies out there. A lot of the movies they will show are newer movies too, so you won’t just be stuck with the old Creature from Black Lagoon, though I’m sure they have that too.

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