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The Top Ten Halloween Songs!

Published by Merideth Martindale

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Ah, Halloween. My favorite time of year. Summer has ended, the nights are chilly, and there’s something undeniably dark and surreal about the world. It’s hard to deny the appeal of the ‘darkest season of the year’. I would mention the candy and costumes, but they’re more like an added bonus.

Yes, Halloween and Fall deserve some attention. To start off, let’s name the ten best songs for the Halloween season!

  1. Thriller.

MJ did a lot for the world. Counted among his greatest gifts to the world- Thriller. For the catchy tune and awesome music video, he takes the tenth spot.

  1. Boris The Spider.

The Who aren’t exactly associated with Halloween time. With ‘Boris The Spider’, you almost wonder if you should change their name to ‘The Boo!’. Funny, right? Like a ghost? Boo? Anyone? Can I get a pity laugh for that pun? Nevermind…

  1. Dead Promises.

Hide from the sun and listen to this . The Rasmus gave us a hit with ‘Dead Promises’. This Vampire-related song is a great addition to teenage Halloween parties. There’s no gimmicky chains being rattled, witches cackling, or cats hissing. This purely alternative track accomplishes what few other Halloween songs can- it’s cool to listen to at anytime of year. The same goes for our next song…

  1. Monsters.

Like Rasmus, Matchbook Romance created a magnificent alternative song for teenage Halloween parties. Party people sick of ‘The Meanest Pumpkin in The World’ and ‘Haunted House’ will appreciate ‘Monsters’. Believe what you see.

  1. Luigi’s Mansion.

Readers used to my work should have seen a video game reference coming. For those of you out there that played ‘Luigi’s Mansion’, you’ll recognize this one. Didn’t play? It was a GameCube Launch title. Okay, have you been to Luigi’s Mansion in Mario Power Tennis, Mario Kart DS, Mario Super Sluggers, or Super Smash Brothers Brawl? If so, you’ll know how haunting yet alluring the theme song for that haunted house in the Mushroom Kingdom is.

  1. Halloween Theme.

Despite some mediocre (okay, downright terrible) sequels and remakes, the Halloween movie series deserves credit for coming up with one of the creepiest, haunting theme songs of all-times. Michal Myers and his theme take the fifth spot.

  1. Monster Mash.

A classic that’s probably been played at every school Halloween dance ever. If there’s someone out there that hasn’t heard ‘Monster Mash’, that person has not been blessed by the Halloween spirit.

  1. Ghostbusters Theme.

Two great films coupled with a great theme song. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of endless horror movies during this season. Too many people forget that a big part of Halloween is simply having fun. Seriously- we have ‘togetherness’ for Thanksgiving and ‘family’/’gift-giving’ for Christmas. If Halloween isn’t the holiday for fun, laughter, and devious humor- what’s the point of Fall?

  1. This Is Halloween.

This one almost took the top spot thanks to its masterpiece film. Another reminder that not all of Halloween should be based around someone being viscously stabbed or beheaded. Play a few tricks and scare a few friends while this plays!

  1. Twilight Zone Theme.

Never will I forget staying up all-night on Halloween with my dad, little sister, and grandmother- watching the Twilight Zone. I remember how I’d walk down the hall at 11:00 at night and hear-

You unlock this door with the key of imagination…

I would stop and try to decide. Do I want to walk into the living room and inevitably get caught in the surreal world of plot-twists and misleading narration? My only other option was to turn and lay low in my room. Generally I took the former choice.

As I kid I didn’t always understand the plots or the twists the came at the end, but I found the black and white show fascinating. There was something about the memorable characters, displays of human ignorance in the face of otherworldly powers, and exploration of human emotion that drew me in. Yet whenever I think the Twilight Zone, my first thoughts are never Talking Tina, the hitchhiker, or that screaming clown toy-man… I always think of the opening theme.



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