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The Visit of the Jack O’Latern Man(Halloween Poem)

Published by Mimi Escober

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Halloween Visit of the 31st of October

I saw the black cat creeping with his eyes a glow. And I stood still has he passed by. He was tracking his prey on a moon rise night. And it was the shiniest of any other light. I saw bats flying high and flying low. But what they was searching for no one really know except the guy on the corner. Who kids called the Jack O’Lantern Man.

He had pumpkins walking with legs and like him talking out of their heads. And we was asking each other was he searching for the living or looking for the dead. Because we could have sworn one was walking without their head.

But It was Halloween and we didn’t care. Even if I’m the first to admit we was truly scared. He said trick or treat in a loud voice. And those words just made us shake more. Because we have never seen this strange man before.

Then he spoke surprise, surprise see the moon rise. It’s October the thirty first, a day for a child to enjoy. To knock on neighbors door for candy and snack. A nd change out fits and do it once more. We ask him how do he know our little trick.

He proclaim his children did it long time ago. And that’s how he truly came to life. To make sure children are safe as they move through out the night. He even said people sometimes think he is very strange. So that’s why he is the Jack O’ Lantern Man.

a guardian angel for children’s everywhere, to know they have someone to watch and protect them,from getting their bags snatch. And of course he said there is a simple catch.

Make sure you don’t talk to strangers who try to talk to you. The world is now dangerous than what he was use too. But put your trust in the Lord, and he will guide you back home. Tell them the Jack O’Lantern Man gave you this advice. Cause in reality he’s not a villain or devil. But when he’s not in disguise he’s Jesus Christ.




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