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Themed Christmas Tree Ideas – Creative Holiday Decorating

Published by Danelle Swainey

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Christmas time is almost upon us, and soon lights and decorations will be going up everywhere. Decorating themed Christmas trees is a fun way to get in the holiday mood. Many people even put up more than one tree to spread the cheer all over the house; but even if you only have one, decorating a tree in a theme is an eye-catching way to express your holiday spirit. Sure, you could stick to standard Christmas balls, tinsel and twinkly lights, but why not consider some more unique ideas to decorate the boughs this year?

A Nursery Themed Christmas Tree

If you have a new addition to the family who is still too young to appreciate the gifts and goodies of the season, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t get a little taste of Christmas cheer in the form of a nursery themed tree. Decorate a small 2 or 3 foot tree with baby booties, rattles, soothers, wooden blocks, and even miniature cloth “diapers” made from tiny scraps of cloth folded and pinned with safety pins.

Wrap the base with a colourful baby blanket, and top with a baby angel ornament. Add colourful blinking lights to catch the attention of your little one, and the theme is complete!


An Animated-Ornament Theme

There are so many choices of musical/speaking, moving or light-up ornaments in the stores these days that having a tree devoted to just these types of decorations could be a fun option – especially for the children in the household, who can have hours of fun pushing buttons and pulling strings. Adorn with string lights that flash and/or play music to add the finishing touch!

A Jingle Bell Themed Holiday Tree

Go for a more traditional holiday theme by decorating the tree in all shapes, sizes and colors of jingle bells. Attach them to the tree with colourful ribbon for a really festive feel. Or get crafty; head to a local craft store where different sizes of plain silver or gold bells can be purchased relatively cheaply, then decorate them with craft paint and sparkles to add a personal touch. For a bit of whimsy, top with a small cowbell!

A Nutcracker Themed Christmas Tree

Nutcrackers are easy to find at Christmas time, and are for many, a decorative staple. If that’s the case at your house, why not go the extra step and create a nutcracker themed tree? Hang some smaller nutcracker dolls on the tree with ribbon. Hot glue nuts (still in the shell) together into little bundles to hang from the tree, or glue an ornament hanger onto each nut and hang them individually.

Mount a slightly larger nutcracker doll as a tree-topper, trim with plain white lights to illuminate the simple decorations, and you’ve completed another themed tree!

A Homemade Themed Tree

Add a personal feel to your holiday tree by hand-making all the decorations. This is a great way to get the kids involved in the decorating process! Create paper-chain garland, and string some popcorn too. Cut out paper snowflakes, build popsicle-stick stars, and spray paint silver and gold walnuts to hang. Any crafty creation can be included on your homemade theme tree!

Tip: Carry this theme into your wrapping as well; challenge everyone to wrap their gifts in homemade wrap – half the fun will be seeing what funky creations show up under the tree!

There are many more possibilities than can be listed here, so if none of these themes appeal, give it some thought and come up with one that suits you and your interests – a kitchen themed tree, a color theme, music, sports, angels, candy…the possibilities are limitless! You can even create a “green” theme by decorating the tree with all repurposed items like costume jewelry or children’s toys. Themed trees are a fun and creative way to express your holiday spirit, and almost anything goes, so give it a try this year!

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