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Things to Do on Christmas

Published by Valeria Meadowcroft

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Christmas is the most awaited holiday throughout the year. Everyone gets excited for Christmas because of the numerous parties, reunions, and especially gift giving. As we get lost in the joyous celebration, we sometimes forget the real reason for Christmas which is bonding with the people that are important in our lives. The spirit of Christmas is love and it is important to show your loved ones that and it is not merely from giving gifts. Giving material things is not enough to show a person you love them. Here are things to do on Christmas for your loved ones:

Spending Quality Time

The best thing to do for Christmas is to spend time with them. Do things together such as watching good films together at home with a bucket of popcorn, going to the Zoo, riding a horse, etc. Your creativity should work here, as you must do things that you haven’t been doing or haven’t done in a long time. More examples would be: watching your homemade videos on the Television, going out of town to spend Christmas in a relaxing place, eat dinner in a fancy restaurant, etc. Your imagination is the limit but also make sure it’s enjoyable for all parties involved. The point is to make it fun and meaningful.


Giving Letters

The amount of space in a Christmas Card on a gift is not enough space to tell everything you want to say. Find a bigger card and write to your loved ones. Do not worry about grammar or punctuation, no one is going to grade your letter. The important thing is to make your letter meaningful. Be thankful to the person for the impact that he/she has made to your life. Mention memorable experiences, whether it is fun or sad, that you had together. The person receiving the letter will be touched as he/she reminisces.


You can make scrapbooks for your loved ones especially if you have a lot of pictures on your adventures together. Remember the Disney movie “Up”?. The scrapbook scene there is a part that made a lot of viewers burst into tears. Take all the pictures that you have with your loved one and stick them on a page, put little designs and write a short paragraph of what happened during that day, how you feel, and add some touching or funny comments. You can also add poems, quotes, and drawings. Scrapbooks are inexpensive, but takes a lot of effort, which makes it a lot more meaningful.

Videos and Emails

If you’re loved ones are thousands of miles away, it would be nice to send them videos with your greetings and an email to accompany it. Be creative and make the video memorable. Like in a scrapbook, you could show your pictures together in the video and narrate the fun memories you had together. But in a video you could do a lot more things like sing songs, do a dance number, recite poems, play an instrument, etc. In the end, thank them for a very memorable year. If the video is too large, you could try sending it through yousendit.com or dropbox.com.

These are things to do on Christmas for your loved ones. Material gifts are also good but when you touch the heart, it’s becomes more valuable and memorable, not to mention priceless!

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