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Things to do Over the Christmas Holidays: Ideas for Fun Family Activities During the Winter Break

Published by Alicia Karban

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Christmas time can be very busy and stressful but remember to have fun. Plan some cool events that will include the whole family, from the smaller children to the teen home from college. These ideas are sure to create some great family memories and traditions.

Things to do in the House at Christmas

Look through the family archives or the local video store for a great family favorite. Find a holiday special or just a movie the family used to watch years ago. Love Actually is a great movie for a family with teens. Ice Age is great viewing for any age. Make some popcorn and cuddle up for the show.

Complete a huge puzzle or play a board game. There are even some puzzles on the market that include big pieces for the younger children and tiny pieces for the experienced puzzler. Call the gang together for a fun board game. Taboo and Scattegories are always fun. If no board games are handy, charades or pictionary are always a hit. A game of cards is a good option for the quieter families.

Play video games. Whether dusting off the old XBox or playing the latest Wii game, video games are always good entertainment. Sometimes playing a game that hasn’t been played for years brings back fond memories and old competitions. Make sure the cooks get out of the kitchen and play too.

Get into the Holiday Spirit at Christmas

Even families who aren’t big on Christmas celebrations can get out and enjoy other people’s decorations and celebrations for an afternoon or evening. It is a great family outing to attend a local Christmas play, carol sing or craft fair. Most towns have both indoor and outdoor events available and listed in the local newspaper.


Enjoy the magic of Christmas lights. Go for a walk or drive to an area of town that is all decked out for Christmas. This might be the center of town, where a central tree stands or the ritzy part of the city where the affluent decorate their entire yards.

Volunteering at Christmas time is a great family bonding activity that is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit. Food Banks are in great need of people to collect, sort and deliver food and donations at this time of year. There are organizations that may also need people to wrap gifts or sit at store entrances with collection boxes. On Christmas Day, soup kitchens and shelters welcome volunteers to serve Christmas dinner.

Fun Activities and Outings for the Christmas Break

The active family should get out of the house and spend the afternoon skating, skiing, hiking or tobogganing. After a fun activity-filled day, go home for some hot chocolate and Christmas baking. If the weather isn’t cooperating, consider an indoor ice rink.

Go to the local aquarium, zoo or movie theatre. Especially if the family includes teenagers, it might have been years since the whole family went together to the local tourist spots. Don’t forget the camera.

Good, fun family-time is hard to come by in a busy world. However, Christmas is all about family, so try these ideas to bring the gang together over the holidays. Combat boredom and have quality family time together.

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