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Three New Spins on Your Christmas Wreath: Upend a Holiday Classic with New Ideas and Materials

Published by Zaida Helmers

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Evergreen wreaths as a symbol of the coming holiday are classic. Tie a red ribbon on it and it’s even better. But the Christmas wreath could be much more flexible, made from many materials. This guide will show you how to create five different, new Christmas wreaths that don’t even go near the evergreen classic, while evoking the same emotions the original represents.

Ornament Wreath

An ornament tree is a great way to make use of those day-after-Christmas sales and create a great keepsake for many Christmas seasons to come. First, decide on colors and motif for the wreath and purchase a wire wreath frame (available at most craft stores).

Look for a variety of glass or plastic Christmas balls in either a plain color or a classic pattern, like polka dots or candy cane stripes. Try to find a variety not only of color, but of sizes. Buy about 6 ornaments for each inch of wreath frame that you plan to cover, depending on size.

Once you’ve got all your Christmas ball ornaments, lay them out on the floor near the wreath frame, planning the way you want them to be arranged. Make sure to place small ornaments near big ornaments so that any sparse areas can be filled in with smaller ornaments. Now, using metal ornament hooks or floral wire, tie the ornaments on to the wreath. Tie them all (they will be loose and floppy) before getting out a hot glue gun and then starting at one end, glue the ornaments together where you’d like them to touch. Very tiny ornaments can be glued in to place without wire. Let cool, and store in a safe place so you don’t end up with broken glass in your decorations box.



Gleaming Gem Wreath

This one starts with a foam wreath frame, which can also be purchased at the craft store. Get yourself a hot glue gun and all the fun fake gemstones and glitter you can find. One good piece of advice on this one is to either find all gemstones of the same color, or all gemstones of the same shape. The craft store is a good place to find these, too.

Starting on the inside edge of the foam wreath frame, place dabs of glue in a small circle and stick the gemstones to the glue. After the inside edge, do the outside edge and make sure no gemstones stick over these two edges. Next, do the top edge that will show the most head-on to visitors, where a little overlap is OK. Try to avoid gaps between the gemstones, but if you have them, drip some white glue into the cracks and sprinkle some matching glitter in each little hole.

To finish off this wreath, pick a bow on a metal spike that coordinates in color and style (maybe Tiffany blue to go with all those diamond-y, white gemstones?) and poke it through one gap between gemstones to adorn. Now hang it up and be the diva that you are.



Ribbons Galore Wreath

Ribbons often adorn the holiday wreath, but it’s not often they are the entire wreath. For this, you’ll need lots and lots (and lots) of ribbon, cut into six-inch strips. Fabric ribbon is important for this one, although a similar variation can be done with gift-wrap and curling ribbon). The same principle applies here: either use all ribbons of the same color (with varying widths) or use ribbons of different colors in one size. For this wreath, you can also go for a rag-tag effect by using ribbons of all different colors and sizes.

Using a wire wreath frame, tie the ribbons around the frame with a knot, right on top in the front. Tie until you’ve reached all the way around the frame, then scrunch the ribbons back against each other and tie more until you’ve filled the circle to very crowded. Next, take the wreath outside and spray your wild ribbon ends with a lacquer so they’ll stick out and stay put.

With your new holiday decoration on display, there’s no reason to go back to the classic evergreen wreath. This wreath will last seasons and give you up as the hippest holiday maven on your block!

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