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Thrifty Halloween Treats and Goodie Bags

Published by Dagmar Towns

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Are you having a little Halloween party for your family and friends? Need some ideas for treats that won’t break the bank? Keep reading.

Halloween is a great time to be unique and have parties with your family and friends. We often think it will be very costly providing treats, or goodie bags, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ideas to help you get started and get prepared.

Homemade Goodie bags – You can use plain brown lunch bags, cover them with stickers, or if you have children, let them get creative and color them and use stickers, colored glue, sparkles, etc. If you know exactly who is coming, you can personalize with their name as well.

Popcorn wraps – You can just buy a bag of popcorn, any flavor, and scoop out some popcorn into saran wrap, make a ball covered by the wrap, and tie an orange or black ribbon around it. This would go great in your homemade goodie bag.

Stickers – Hit the dollar store for stickers, and you can place a sheet of stickers in each goodie bag.

Spiders and other misc bugs- Again hit the dollar store. They often sell these items in bulk and you can separate them into your goodie bags.

Jewelry – Dollar store again is great for these items. They might even have spider rings!! Buy the jewelry they sell in bulk, and separate it into your goodie bags.

Candy – Of course everyone expects candy at Halloween as well. Watch the sales, and again, check the dollar store. You would be surprised at what you can get there.

Homemade Ghost Cookies – 1 package nutter butter cookies, 1lb white chocolate, 1 package mini chocolate chips. Melt the white chocolate, dip the nutter butters and lay on wax paper, if you notice areas that the white chocolate didn’t get, use your fingers to spread the chocolate. Add the mini chocolate chips for eyes and let cool.

Cookie Tree – Buy a Halloween tree, check thrift stores then craft stores. Make your own sugar cookies, or buy the ones ready to bake. As soon as you remove from oven, make a hole at the top of the cookie, you can use a straw to do this. Once they are cool, use a ribbon or yarn to go through the holes and hang them on your tree.

Stew Drinks – Use a cauldron, 2 liters of Mountain Dew, 1 package of blue Kool-Aide prepared. Add enough Kool-Aide to give you the look you want. You can place dry ice in the bottom of the cauldron (do not ever touch with your bare hands/skin), and pour your mixture over the ice to give a great spooky effect.

Hope these ideas get your started for how to save some money using things around the house, the dollar store, thrift store, and making some homemade treats. Have a fun safe Halloween!



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