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Throw a Great Halloween Party for Dogs

Published by Lanny Hadad

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How to Celebrate the Best Holiday with Your Best Friend and His Friends

Hosting a Halloween party for dogs can be great fun if it is done right, but what a disaster if it is not. Advance planning can go a long ways toward making sure your party is a success. Try these tips to get you started.

  1. Choose a place for your party that is well fenced and has room for about five or six dogs to run and play. More than a few dogs means more opportunities for dog fights. Don’t forget that each dog will be bringing at least one owner, so make sure there is an area for people to rest and connect with each other.
  2. Send out invitations addressed to the dogs and their owners. This keeps them in the spirit of the party, yet ensures that you will not be left with six dogs to entertain by yourself. Also, specify that costumes for the dogs is required. When deciding who to invite, remember to invite dogs who are well socialized with other dogs.
  3. Remember to provide a pooper scooper and/or bags to allow for prompt and easy clean up. Keep a lidded garbage can near by.
  4. Make sure there are plenty of treats available for dogs and people. Look for treats in Halloween shapes or try making your own. Check the internet for recipes for dog biscuits and cookies. When providing food for people, keep in mind that some human food, such as chocolate, is toxic to animals. Keep this food away from the party to prevent a tragedy. Also, provide several bowls of fresh water for your animal guests.
  5. Consider asking a local dog trainer to attend and help the owners teach their dog a trick or two. You may even be able to convince him to do this for free if you approach with the idea that it could drum up business for the trainer.
  6. Plan ideas for the party such as a trick contest, a parade or a best costume contest. You can give out prizes for the best and worst in each category.
  7. At the end of the party, provide a goodie bag full of treats for owner and dog. You might even consider talking to your local pet store or vet to obtain valuable coupons for goods and services your guests can use.


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