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Throw a Halloween Party Inspired by the Twilight Saga

Published by Jack Pfeifle

Ipod and compile a playlist of songs that is dark and gothic. Examples are metal, rock and certain techno songs. Or you can follow the playlist list from Stephenie Meyer official site at http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilight_playlist.html


Possible games are a scavenger hunt or murder mystery involving items from the books. Examples are fake blood, forks, biology books, apples. You can also have Twilight Series merchandise (books, shirts, posters) as prize for the winners.

The Characters

If you have the cash, hire a magician or dancers and have the performers dress up as characters from the books to carry out the performance. This adds a unique twist to your party.

Secondly, get everybody to dress up as the characters from the book. Some tips for this are as follow.

Make your skin very pale but not overboard. Use a luminance power or foundation makeup that is marble like and look like porcelain.

Use eye make to emphasis how the twilight vampire eye changes. If they’re thirsty, black and purple bruises appear below their eyes.

If they have hunted and fulfilled their thirst, their eyes will be a liquid golden topaz.

Make use of colored contact lens if needed.

Add some sparkles to your skin, because twilight vampire skin sparkles like diamond in the sunlight.

Have razor sharp teeth that are pearly white instead of the typical vampire fangs. Use fake fangs that are small and subtle.

Twilight vampires use seductive voices and scent. Also they do not breathe or sleep.

They also have super human physical attributes (speed, endurance)

Study the character traits. For example, Edward is a suave and romantic vampire. So add these character traits to your dress up play.

That’s the guide to throwing a Twilight Saga Themed Halloween Party. Have a Happy Halloween!

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