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Throw a Teenage Halloween Party

Published by Mariel Coonfare

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While most teenagers are too old to go out on Halloween for trick or treating, they still enjoy roaming the streets and scaring the little children, which can lead to trouble. Organizing a Halloween party for your teenager and friends can be a great way for them to still have their fun with their friends, but keep them out of trouble.

Talk to your teenager about having a Halloween party. You want to make sure that you set the ground rules out before planning a big event, so that they know in advance what to expect. If you want to ensure that they don’t go out roaming the streets, let them know before they start inviting all of their friends.

Incorporate a theme into the party. Talk about some of the popular Halloween trends, or incorporate something important in their life. For example, if the school’s football team is undefeated, you may choose to theme the Halloween party towards the football team, and everyone is to dress up in football attire. Your teen may also decide to have their guests all dress up, or no one may want to dress up.

Create a guest list for your teenage Halloween party. They may have a lot of people that they want to invite, so be sure to set a limit on the amount of guests that you will allow. It may be helpful if you set a budget for your teenager to stick with, so that they know there will only be allowed so many people within the budget. Have them do extra work around the house to earn money to help pay for the party.

Set a beginning and ending time for the party. It can be easy for a teenager to lose track of time, especially if they have to go to school the next day. Let them know what time it ends so that they can arrange transportation, and you are not left to bring 20 kids home at 11:00p.m. Send the invitations out to the guest list.

Purchase decorations and begin decorating the house. You won’t need a ton of decorations to accomplish the task, but be sure that it sets the theme of the party, if any theme. Have your teenager help with any cooking or baking that may need to be done in advance.

Play a couple of games at your Halloween party. This will help the party keep on moving, so that no guests will get bored. You can look on the Internet for unique game ideas if you are drawing a blank. You could do psychic readings with Tarot cards, or even have games with prizes for your guests to be able to take home with.

Take lots of pictures. Even though your teenager may not want their parents around because they think they are being spied on, you can make yourself look more useful by taking pictures of their guests. They will appreciate the pictures later on, and in the mean time you can keep an eye on them.

Send your guests away with a treat bag. Everyone likes candy on Halloween, and it is a perfect way to end a Halloween party is with a bag full of goodies.



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