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Throw a Western Themed Halloween Party this Year

Published by Jewell Kalafatis

Halloween party this year. Invite all your friends and have them break out the jeans and bandannas for the time of their life at your own Western Style Halloween party. From the invitations to the actual event, planning a Western Themed Halloween party can only lead to a night a fun!

First of all you need to make invitations for your Western Themed Halloween party. So all your friends know the party will have a Western Theme, the invitations need to say just that. You may either buy invitations or make them yourself. I suggest making the invitations yourself. You can use a computer or you can hand make your invitations, the style is completely up to you. Handmade invitations are the most personal and require the most amount of time to make. You may even choose to make your invitations out of brown construction paper and bandannas.

I would cut brown construction paper into pocket size rectangles. I would take a black magic marker and make little X’s around the pockets so it looks like stitches. You can then cut a bandanna into triangles or squares and glue it to the back of your pocket invitations so that a triangle piece appears over the top of the invitation. The pocket should resemble a cowboy’s shirt with a bandanna sticking out. The invitation should contain the party date, the fact the Halloween party has a Western Theme, directions, time and a RSVP phone number. Encourage your guests to dress according to the Western Style theme and use their imagination.

Decorations will be the next order of business. You are only limited to your imagination and wallet when it comes to Western Style decorations. Use items such as cowboy boots, cowboy hats, ropes, saddles, horse paraphernalia, beer bottles and any other Western material you see fit. You can take mismatch cowboy boots and use them to spice up the appearance of the tables. Place each table leg in a cowboy boot. You will be surprised how much of a difference that will make. It makes for a neat anytime decorations also.

Food and appetizers for your Western Style Halloween are a must. Consider having a cake make with a Western picture on it. You may want to have a cowboy herding cattle or just a rustic Western picture. Buffalo wings with ranch dressing go great and stay with the Western theme. Corns on the cob and beef kabobs are just a few other Western dishes you may choose to feed your Halloween Party guests. I would keep the serving plates simple and use baskets and lined old bins to serve the food on.

For your Western themed Halloween party you may want to have games for your guests to play. Some ideas include bobbing for apples and pin the tail on the bull. Consider having a country music karaoke contest. Karaoke machines are loads of fun and very entertaining. You can even have a costume contest as to which guest’s costume best stuck with the Western Style theme. Keep the entertainment light and the party rolling!

A Halloween Party with a Western theme is certain to grab the attention of your friends and family. Be creative and use ideas of your own to make the event a complete success. Consider putting together a small goody bag with old fashioned candy for your guests as a little Halloween treat as they are leaving. Enjoy yourself this Halloween at your Western Style Halloween Party!

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