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Throwing a Jack the Ripper Halloween Party

Published by Refugio Stolfi

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Ideas for tossing a Jack The Ripper themed Halloween party. You will need to decide who’s going to be Jack The Ripper, once this is established it’s time to develop a costume. You may elect to purchase one, or make do with supplies you have at home or even going to a second hand store. Either way there are items you may wish to pick up to create your Jack The Ripper costume. One can choose long black tail jacket or black shirt, black pants, white ruffled shirt and tie, black cape, white gloves or a cane. You will also need a fake knife preferably one with fake blood on it.

Women can dress either as prostitutes carrying liquor bottles, or dress as the towns ladies with long dresses, hats with huge flowers on them, or even bonnets. Some guest may even choose to be police officers, who investigated Jack the Ripper, you can purchase these and walk around investigating your guests.

You can use old newspapers and write in black marker on the front, Jack The Ripper strikes again. Old lanterns may be used for decoration props or let guest carry these. You may also locate fake body parts as a display around outside and inside such as legs, ears, intestines, arms, liver. You can also make a sign that states Jack the Ripper wanted by the FBI. I would also put ripped torn white shear material coated with fake blood, and use as a table cloth for your food.

You can create fake dead bodies on your lawn by finding fake heads and placing clothes on them, I would buy a wig stand and decorate this with a woman’s dress and put a wig on the mannequin. Lay in your yard with blood on neck and toss intestines or heart on the side of the dead body. You may also choose to display your scene on the inside of house. Wall clings to display such as trees, or woods would be a great wall display, toss in a few rusty lanterns and you’ve got yourself a great party. You can purchase those fake bloody hand prints that stick to your wall or floor.

Have your guests come dressed as in the early 1800’s. Create cobble stone pathways or decorate on large paper, the buildings back in the early 1800’s. You may choose to draw police officers or residents on your wall display, now find the artist in the family and get them busy. You could make posters of all the women he killed and draw a fake picture or cut pictures out of magazine of women and color on missing and put there names on poster. Below is the five women that are definitely know that Jack The Ripper killed. Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Jane Kelly who was also pregnant.

I would locate a tape that plays sounds of someone either running or walking in the woods or one where women are screaming, you can use this outdoors or indoors to scare your guests. You may also elect to make one yourself, get created and see how scared you can make your guest feel. If you can locate a buggy or make one and pin on your wall you can use this as a scene set, place a male guest by the buggy as in the true story, when Jack the Ripper killed a lady (Elizabeth Stride) and the male gentleman came riding up on his buggy and almost caught Jack the Ripper. You can have a police officer walk around and interview your guests.

You may locate many of your items at the following locations.

Party city.com, Bottom Dollar. com, Oriental trading.com for body parts and costumes, Fright catalog.com for great costumes.



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