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Throwing a Pirate-Themed Party: Great Fun for Halloween and Birthday Parties

Published by Roseanne Peveto

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A pirate-themed birthday party is pretty broad, so if you have a bit of imagination, you can have a blast with a pirate-themed party!

One thing you can plan is a “treasure hunt,” where guests follow clues throughout the yard to an “X” that will reveal the “treasure chest.” You can even use paint to mark and actual X. Don’t worry: The grass will grow out and it will be gone in 2 or 3 mowing’s! Other decorating ideas include a jolly roger flag, banners with the pirate flag on them and of course, plenty of treasure chests arranged around the yard. There can never be too many treasures when there’s a bunch of hungry pirates you know!

For the invitations, if the kids you are inviting are close by, you can create an invitation on antique looking paper, roll it in a tube and tie with black ribbon. Then dressing up as a pirate, you can deliver the invitations with a swashbuckling air. This works great if you also photograph some of the kids getting their invitations, the photos can be displayed on a photo board entitled “Barnacle Boo’s crew” during the party and kids can take them when they leave. An extra party favor for the kids and fun to create as well…it also serves as a great decoration as well which helps with the overall theme.

“You can also make the basic hat out of poster board and let the kids decorate their own if you want.. The eye patches can be cut out of craft foam and tied on with black ribbon or elastic. Black elastic is easy to find and if you cut all the strings one length it will make for easier assembly later. The foam is easy on the skin (it doesn’t scratch) and it won’t tear or fall apart if it gets wet.

For a game, you can play pin the tail on the parrot. This is lots of fun if someone talks like one and gives the blindfolded directions as to where to pin the tail! You can even get a refrigerator box and draw a cartoon pirate and parrot . Cut out the faces and take pictures with the kids heads through the holes, ala “boardwalk pictures” These are a great keeper. We did one 8 years ago for my oldest son’s party (they were snowmen) and we’ve used and reused them tons of times! Another game would be to take a kids wading pool (invite the kids to come in swim suits or shorts and summer tops) put a board across the top of the pool with an adult on either side to steady it and have kids “walk the plank”. If you have a treasure chest on one end they can then choose a prize for successfully walking the plank/ For goodie bags, make simple black bags and cut out simple skull and crossbones from felt and glue on. These make good booty bags and also a great keepsake later.

If you want to utilize the pool further for fun. Put lots of little toys from “Oriental trading” or any other party store in the water. Give the kids pinchers (like salad tongs) to pull out the prizes they want and let them fill their booty bags until they explode! Toys which are big hits are small figures, pirate figurines, boats, coins, beads and lots of glittery rings and baubles. Even little treasure chests can be found if you look hard enough and sunglasses in bright colors are a hit as well.

With simple cookies cut into a rectangle shape with a piped on treasure map and “X” marks the spot, juice boxes, goldfish crackers and some gold wrapped chocolate coins, you’ve got a great party for all the little pirates in your life with little expense. The only problem will be convincing the kids to go home. They’ll be having such a good time they won’t want to leave! Have fun and cast off for a perfect pirate party for that little scoundrel in your life!



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