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Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival, London: Brick Lane, London, Will Become a Mini Singapore on August 30-31

Published by Clement Buday

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Once again, the Tiger Beer Singapore Chilli Crab Festival returns to London’s East End. Bigger and better than last year, the festival takes place at Truman’s Brewery in Brick Lane on Saturday and Sunday 30th and 31st August when the East End will be transformed into a mini Singapore. Exotic smells, tastes and sounds of the Far East will suffuse the area and the world famous Chilli Crab, Singapore’s favourite dish, will be available to sample.

What Foods Available

Chilli Crab, the unofficial national dish, is drenched in fresh tomato and chilli sauce and can only truly be enjoyed using the fingers to extract the succulent meat in the claws.

Not only will Chilli Crab be available, there will be a vast array of other traditional Singapore dishes to taste, including chicken satay, char kway teow (a delicious rice noodle dish) and Hainanese chicken rice. All the festival food will be prepared by Singaporean restaurant Kiasu (from Bayswater, London), much praised of late by food critics. And washed down with the perfect drinking accompaniment, a chilled Tiger Beer, it will be perfect.

Demonstrations of Chinese Cookery

Anyone interested in cookery – especially the more unusual Chinese dishes – should be sure not to miss the demonstrations being held throughout the weekend by celebrity chef Terry Tan who will give tips and advice on the home cooking of some delicious Far Eastern dishes.

Singapore’s cultural diversity is reflected in the variety of local food on offer – Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan and Eurasian which offer a rich medley of flavours which create a varied and mouth-watering cuisine unique to the island-state. The wide sample of cuisines from different ethnic groups makes it possible to try a different dish every day for a year and never eat the same one twice!

Live Entertainment in Brick Lane

To make the party go with a swing, live entertainment is lined up for the week-end and there will be dragon dancing and martial arts displays. Skilled musicians from the School of Oriental and African studies will play and a tea-stretching spectacular is promised. This odd-sounding happening is where Chinese tea is poured from a great height – said to enhance the flavour!

If all this gets too much, a henna-tattoo artist and a massage therapist will be on hand to offer their services, and a calligrapher will also be there to transcribe, on paper, western names into Chinese. These can then be taken away as a souvenir. There will also be an enchanting Singaporean garden in which to relax while watching the festival events.

A festival wouldn’t be a festival without a chance to do some shopping, so a selection of market-stalls will be offering food products, cooking utensils, Far Eastern arts and crafts, and possibly some apparel.

The sights, sounds and tastes of Singapore are unique. Food lovers rave about its unique blend of taste sensations, and all this will be available in Brick Lane in London for the third year running. Tiger Beer, the sponsors, promise a few new surprises this year.

Afterwards, head for the Vibe Bar at the Truman Brewery where the after-show party will continue the festival into the night.

Admission to the Tiger Beer Singapore Chilli Crab Festival is free.

Open 11 a.m. – 6 p.m

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