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Tips for a Successul Halloween Party

Published by Bev Richison

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Ten Tips for Throwing the Best Halloween Party in the Neighborhood

Halloween is quickly approaching, and a lot of people are planning out their awesome Halloween parties in advance. Don’t get left behind. With these ten tips, you can have the best Halloween party in the neighborhood.

Make Sure to Discuss Things With Your Neighbors

Really, it’s only common courtesy to tell your neighbors that you’ll be throwing a party. Even if it is Halloween, and people tend do get rowdy, there are still some people who have to work the next day! Make sure to give your neighbors a way to contact you if the noise gets to be too much; better you get a call than the police.


How are people going to know about your party if you don’t invite them? If you’re trying to go green, consider sending out e-vites instead of paper invitations. But either way, make sure that any invitations that you do send are somehow Halloween-themed! That’s part of the fun.


One of the most important parts of any Halloween event is decorating. Make sure to deck your place out in lots of spooky things, such as fake spiderwebs and plastic bats and spiders. Throw in a jack-o-lantern or two. Strobe lights are a nice effect as well, but they have the tendency to irritate some peoples’ eyes, so think carefully about whether you want to use them or not. Either way, a Halloween party wouldn’t be nearly as Halloween-y without some awesome decorations!


If you’re planning on cooking, try to make the food you serve look spooky.If you’re cooking something round, try to make it look like eyeballs for example.


It’s traditional to serve punch at parties. If you’re planning on doing so, make sure to have it be red punch, so it looks like blood. If you’re going for alcoholic beverages, make sure to have lots of bloody mary’s handy!


Halloween is perhaps the sweetest day of the year. So make sure to have plenty of candy on stock for your guests. Cupcakes and cookies with orange frosting are also a festive choice!


A big thing that will lend to your party atmosphere is the right thing playing on the stereo. Consider going for a track of creepy sound effects (you can pick these up for relatively cheap at stores that sell other Halloween merchandise).


Another huge part of Halloween is the costumes. Make sure to specify in the invitations you send out if you want everyone to dress up in a costume or not. And if you’re having a themed event, make sure to mark that down as well!

Have a Camera Handy

It’s an especially good idea to have a camera around so that you can snap pictures of your guests in their costumes, if they happen to be wearing them.

Have a Backup Plan

Fall is a fickle time of year. There’s a chance that on your party date, it may be too windy, rainy, or cold. Have a plan on how to easily move things into a sheltered location, such as your house, if bad weather strikes.


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