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Tips for Decorating Outdoors for Christmas

Published by Peter Schollmeier

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Modern outdoor Christmas decorating trends incorporate icicle lights, figurines and attractive furnishings into the holiday design. These simple tips can help a homeowner create a Christmas yard design that will have all the neighbors wondering where all the fresh ideas came from.

Add a Cheerful Wooden Snowman

A large wooden snowman can often be used as a focal point for an eye-appealing outdoor Christmas yard design. Typically, wooden snowmen can be found at local furniture stores, craft stores, hardware stores and landscaping stores for less than forty dollars each. The fantastic thing about decorating with a wooden snowman is that it can be used year after year for holiday decorating purposes. For a rustic and weathered Christmas snowman design, a homeowner can use a white stain or a white paint and distress the wood on the snowman by gently streaking it with the stain or paint. In addition, a faux leaf garland or a vibrantly colored scarf can be entangled around the neck of the snowman to add a colorful spark of interest to the outdoor Christmas theme. A homeowner can also use a bright spotlight to show off the wooden winter snowman during evening hours.

Incorporate Evergreen Trees into the Design

A live evergreen is a hearty tree that can be used to add a strong natural element to your outdoor living space. Evergreen trees look especially attractive when they are used as decorative accents nestled around the wooden snowman. Fortunately, most landscapes already contain some sort of evergreen, whether tall or short, that can be decorated for the Christmas holiday. Colorful or clear light strands can be added to the evergreen tree to give it a magical outdoor appeal. Incorporating the wooden snowman into the pre-existing landscape can increase the overall visual appeal.


Use a Front Door Christmas Wreath for Curb Appeal

One of the most dramatic ways to decorate outdoors for the holiday season is to purchase holiday ornaments, garland, faux holly berries, and ribbon and incorporate those items into a large front door Christmas wreath. Many craft stores have wooden ornaments, red winterberries, and metallic ribbon that can be used to enhance an evergreen wreath. Placing a large Christmas wreath on the front door will add curb appeal to the front of a home during the holiday season. A homeowner can also use pinecones, winter sticks, wicker baskets and decorative Christmas ornaments to emphasize the front door and surrounding porch area. The addition of Christmas light strands and spot lights to the front door wreath and porch area will add a bright and cheerful element to the outdoor holiday design during evening hours.

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