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Tips for Great Halloween Pictures

Published by Rosie Trullinger

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As this traditional fun filled day of trick or treat approaches, children and adults alike are planning the costumes and makeup they will wear to disguise themselves among friends and family on Halloween. This once a year tradition is a day to remember and it certainly calls for the memories to be captured in picture prints and digital photos. Observing your children’s excitement as they dress up in their new costume is a joy to see and they will never forget those days when they look back at the photographs you have taken. With every year a different costume whether homemade or store bought your children will remember how much fun it was together with you to dress up and go throughout the neighborhood to collect candy. As an adult I still remember my childhood of how special and fun this day was going out with my brothers and friends collecting bagfuls of candy and treats. My parents took very few if any pictures of me and my brothers in our Halloween costumes so there photo prints to show how we looked in our scary costumes. Learning a lesson from this, as my children were growing up my wife and I took many photos every Halloween of the kids in their costumes as this was a special occasion in their life and they would have the pictures to look back on to remember the joy and excitement of reliving that day in their childhood.

Taking pictures and digital photos is very popular today and practically every family owns an inexpensive point and shoot digital camera. These new style cameras are basically all automatic and you simply center the subject in the frame press the button and you have a good quality photo, it’s that easy. If you are not familiar with this type of camera, practice taking photos of different subjects and at different angles and settings to get used to the cameras functions. After you have tried this several times review the results of your pictures and adjust to make your shots unique. Halloween parties & celebrations are fun colorful events, perfect for picture taking opportunities where you will find many smiling faces on children and adults alike. I have put together a list of photo ideas from my experience in Halloween photography. Take your newborn baby’s picture on that first Halloween, or your 1st child dressed up. Try some of these techniques the next time you use your camera and capture your children’s faces as these moments happen.

Tips for Great Halloween Photos

  1. Take some candid photos as your child is dressing up for Halloween in their costume.
  2. After your children put on facial makeup take some photos while it is still fresh looking.
  3. When taking children’s pictures, kneel down and take them at their eye level or lower for a different effect.
  4. Before taking any shot check that the picture is level or horizontal with the surroundings. Line up edges with other lines in the photo.
  5. Take some pictures at different angles on the side or up or down.
  6. Try to keep about 1/3 of the picture with a neutral background. Like the sky or solid color wall.
  7. Take children’s group shots from above and at eye level.
  8. Include friends in your photos to capture the memory of being with others.
  9. Take a photo with your child near a Jack O Lantern with their face glowing.
  10. Take a photo of children in a group opening and eating the candy they have collected.
  11. Take some seasonal pictures of pumpkin patches, autumn scenes, decorations and figures.
  12. When your child returns home take some more photos of them being exhausted or falling asleep with their costume on.

However way you choose the backgrounds and settings for taking Halloween pictures with your children, the most important thing is taking the photo. These are once in a lifetime memories that you and family members will enjoy and treasure for life. It is also a good idea to make a photo CD of the pictures in addition to photo prints. Make copies of the picture CD to send and share with others or include in a digital photo album. Pictures on CD are long lasting and are easy to transfer to other types of media as technology changes. It is an easy way to email digital pictures to friends and relatives far away or upload the photos to an online photo album.



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