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Tips for Hosting a Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner

Published by Aline Wilkie

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Hosting a Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner is not only a lot of work; it will be a challenge. It’s one of those challenges though, that once you pull it off; you’ll be a huge success.

1. Do some soul-searching.
Most of the people that you invite to your Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner will want to know why you will be making such a drastic change from the traditional cooked Thanksgiving Dinner. Especially if your reasons for changing to raw foods is for health reasons; you should have a pretty positive response from everyone.

2. Do some research.
More than likely, a Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner is as close to the original Thanksgiving Day feast. Without the modern conveniences that we have today, the early pilgrims would find it awfully hard to bake, grill and convection for hours. Include the kids (they always like decorating) and decorate your home as you perceive the first Thanksgiving Feast would have been like. It sets the atmosphere for the cuisine for the day.

3. Plan your guest list.
Having a Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner is a little bit out of the norm, and it will not be in anybody’s best interest if you have a guest there that is going to moan and complain because he can’t have his usual dinner on Thanksgiving.

4. Send special invitations for the day.
Not only send special invitations, but send them in a special way. Since you want your Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner to be more authentic; be more authentic in the presentation of your invitations. The year that our family did this, the boys and I dressed up like pilgrims and hand delivered each invitation personally. It was a lot of fun. Of course one of our friends pointed out that it wasn’t too authentic because we drove the car.

5. Invite your guests to each bring a dish.
Inviting your guests to each bring a Raw Food Dish for Thanksgiving is a good way to get everyone involved, and interested in this new tradition.6. Plan your menu ahead of time.Before you decide on a specific menu for your Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner, try different dishes out on your family first. We all know that sometimes dishes don’t always taste as good as they sound in the menus. It is the best way I know of to insure good tasting food for your meal.

7. China or Paper-plates?
When I had my first Raw Food Dinner; I set the table up real nice. I used my good china and silver. I have always felt that it was one reason why the meal went over as well as it did. I think everybody likes to sit down to a well-laid table.

8. Try to have all the guests at one table.
Keep in mind that the dinner is Thanksgiving. Everyone should be sitting together. At our dinner, in order to fit everyone at one table, we emptied out our guest room; there really wasn’t that much furniture, and my husband brought in the saw-horses and a large sheet of plywood. I covered it with a linen tablecloth, and nobody ever knew it wasn’t a nice table until I told them. It was so nice to have a large dinner with everyone at the same table.

9. Remember – candles on the table.
To add to the authenticity, candles and not electricity should be used for the meal; at least on the table. Though, if there are small children at the table, you might want to over look this one. Safety is a bit more important than atmosphere.1

0. Don’t forget the men.
It is absolutely Thanksgiving Day Tradition with our family and friends to watch the football game. Let the men have their time. I guarantee you’ll have an easier time selling the Raw Food Thanksgiving Dinner if you do.

The important thing is to enjoy your Thanksgiving. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start a whole new Thanksgiving Day Tradition.

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