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Tips for Telling Scary Stories on Halloween

Published by Bev Richison

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10 Ways to Make Your Scary Story Scarier

Halloween day is about to come. By the end of this month there will be a lot of celebration to this event. Now, I’m talking about another way to celebrate Halloween: telling a spooky story in the Halloween night. But, It’s not an easy job to tell a scary story. Little tips and trick I’m about to share will probably help you to maximize the horror ambiance in the Halloween night.

1. Choose the appropriate story. This is the first thing you have to do. You have to understand what kind of audience will be watching your performance. Of course, it will not appropriate to tell a story about a decapitated body and murders to the children. These kinds of story only works if the audience is grown ups.

2. Set up the place and time. The place chosen for the story telling will be better if has connection with the story. The perfect time doing this is of course around dusk to the middle of the night. If there’s a full moon outside, you can tell a story about werewolves.

3. Urban Legends might be doing well. According to the tip #2, you can embrace the horror ambiance better if there’s a connection between the story and the place in which you are performing. So, telling urban legends is the right choice.

4. Connect something in the story with something around. If there’s no good urban legend to tell, you can make your own story and connect something in the story with something around. You can say like this, ‘Once, there was a haunted rocking chair, just like the one I’m sitting on….’

5. Dress and prepare the right properties for the story. This will help you to dive inside the story and take the audience to your story. Dressing like one of the character will add the scary sense to your story instead of dressing yourselves with T-shirt and jeans. You can also add some bloodstains on your shirts and tell the audience what scary story that is following the stains. You can say to the audience, ‘You wouldn’t believe what’ve just happened to me. These stains on my shirt are not ordinary bloodstains. These are the blood of a werewolf who tried to bite me while I was on my way here……’

6. Describe the situation in your story as briefly as you can. You have to describe everything inside the story briefly. This will help your audience to imagine the situation in their head. You can also imitate some spooky sounds like the sound of a wolf. Instead of just saying that the wolf is howling, you can imitate the sound of a howling wolf too.

7. Use different voice for different character. This will prevent your audience from being confused between one character and another, especially when there are so many character involved in the story.

8. Use minimal amount of light to maximize the horror effect. Everybody knows that darkness tends to scare people. Beside, horror story usually happen in the night. So, darkness will help to make your story scarier.

9. Communicate with your audience. You must build a communication with your audience to make them feel involved in the story. Once they are involved, it will be a lot easier to spook them.

10. Smaller group of audience will make more horror effect. If there are so many people in the same place to listen to your story, it will be harder to get the ambiance. That’s because horror stories usually happen in the quiet place not in the crowded place.

That’s it that I can share. I hope those tips will help you to make your scary story scarier.

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