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Tips for Throwing a Memorable Halloween Wedding

Published by Kareem Wycoff

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If Halloween is your favorite time of year and love is in the air, why not choose Halloween as the perfect holiday for saying your nuptials? Choosing Halloween as your wedding day leaves the door wide open for decorations and wedding attire. You can even plan your wedding food with a Halloween theme. The ideas are endless but let’s take a look at some nifty Halloween wedding ideas.

For starters, the brides dress. By choosing Halloween as your wedding day, you can shy away for the traditional white wedding dress. You may choose a simple Morticia style black dress. Even though the Adams Family is a little on the eccentric side, Morticia’s wardrobe is elegant enough to say “I do” in.

The bride may also choose an elegant blood red or orange dress to get married in. Perhaps even dressing up as the Bride of Frankenstein or dressing as a vampire would make for an interesting and unique wedding.

The groom may choose to wear the black tuxedo or choose to match his bride. A Dracula ensemble would give the wedding some flair. If the bride chooses to dress as the Bride of Frankenstein, the groom may choose to dress as Frankenstein, oh what a match!

The bridesmaid’s dresses should compliment the brides dress. If the bride is dressed in black, the bridesmaids could wear red or orange. The bridesmaids could also dress as vampires is the bride is dressed as a vampire, but their dresses should be downplayed a bit so the bride shines on her day!

When getting ready for the wedding, the bride and the bridesmaids can have their nails painted black. They may even choose to have spider web designs drawn on top of the black nail polish. Black lipstick will only add to the whole look. A white foundation and powder may be used to give the undead appearance.

When deciding on the bouquet, the best choice may be black or red roses. If you go with an orange theme, you may even consider orange roses. White roses may even go well with a black dress.

The centerpieces ideas are limitless. You can use jack-o-lanterns on the center of each table. You can also use spiders and spider webs to decorate the table cloths with. I would go with black, orange or red table clothes.

You may want a more romantic and traditional table top idea. You can use orange or white candles with black or red table cloths. Use fall leaves as a table top decoration to scatter around the candle. Be sure to put cameras on each table so everyone can take tons of pictures.

The cake can really be a show stopper at a Halloween wedding! The possibilities are endless. You can choose to have a pumpkin style cake decorated with orange icing. You may also have a black cake and put tombstones on the top as the wedding topper.

Fake plastic spiders may make a unique wedding cake topper also. Label the spiders Mr. and Mrs. then your last name. Have the caterer decorate the cake with spider webs. Choose red velvet or strawberry so the inside is red too. You can even use carrot cake.

By choosing Halloween as your wedding day, you can have your guests come to your wedding in costume. Give the wedding a costume party style theme. You will be surprised how much fun everyone will have dressing up.

When choosing a caterer, choose one that will go along with the fun ideas you have. Encourage the caterers to dress alike, but to dress up also. It is really neat to see people in costume serving food and assisting the guests.

You may even want to go all out at your Halloween wedding by choosing funeral style decorations. A lot of black decorations and even a coffin can add to the event.

Choose a blood red color for your punch. You may also go with a red colored punch depending on your wedding theme. Add fruit as desired.

Pumpkin candles made wonderful decorations and centerpieces. You can use real pumpkin candles or even use jack-o-lanterns as candles to illuminate your reception.

Orange, black and red balloons can be used in the reception hall for decorations. Tie the balloons in bunches and place them on the backs of chair or in corners.

Colored bubble stuff makes a great way for your guests to send you and your new spouse off in style as you leave the reception. You can dye the bubble stuff red or orange and let the guests blow bubbles as you head off for the long awaited honeymoon!

Perhaps you may choose to visit a Haunted House or Transylvania as a Honey Moon idea after your Halloween Wedding! You can be certain of one thing, if you choose a Halloween wedding, it will be one your friends and family will remember for years to come!



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