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Tips on Buying Books and Magazines as Christmas Presents for Men

Published by Terrell Callnan

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In the internet age, many people still want to have a book in their hands. Electronic books and readers are great for reading, but the pleasure of having a collector’s edition sitting on the coffee table as a conversation starter can be important to men.

When buying books as a present at Christmas for a man, it is especially helpful to know a bit about his general likes and dislikes. A wonderful book on art may not be appreciated by a man who is not interested in that area, and there are no subjects that appeal to everyone.

Sports Books for Men as Christmas Gifts

There are several general areas of books that appeal to a great many men. Sports is a favorite topic:


Golf – Not every man likes the sport, but many do and a book on golf instruction would be a great choice for the golfer. A book on golf courses with great pictures would appeal to both those that enjoy playing and adds the beautiful scenery and settings on the links.

Books dedicated to specific sports will be treasured by fans, but it is necessary to know the man well enough to be sure he will enjoy a book on baseball, football or bowling. Biographies of recent players will probably have more limited appeal compared to famous athletes or classic seasons of the past.

History and Politics Reading Material for Christmas

Many men enjoy reading military and political histories. For the history buff, large editions with color photos make a great addition to a library or coffee table, and can be passed on to the next generation.

Gift givers need to be careful on the choice of political books. Liberals are more likely to be angry than pleased if they receive a copy of a book by George Bush or Sarah Palin, and conservatives would prefer Glenn Beck to Keith Olberman.

Books and Magazines as Christmas Gifts

For a more inexpensive gift, frugal givers can pick up a paperback or magazine for the men in their life. Something that is read, enjoyed and disposed of may still be more enjoyable than a pair of socks or a necktie. It is better to receive something that creates valuable memories than a pair of cufflinks that will never be used.

Magazines can be a good gift, but magazine subscriptions may not be the best choice for men. There is considerable pressure placed on the recipient to renew the subscription, sometimes almost immediately, and if the choice is not entirely to their liking, there is a perceived obligation to read each issue, since it was a gift. What started as a nice intention becomes a chore. It is bit of waste to buy a full year’s subscription when he only wants the Swimsuit Issue.

Whether the gift is a book of lasting value, or a magazine that is quick read and then recycled, printed reading material still makes a great choice as a Christmas gift.

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