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Tips to Make Sure Halloween Night Does Not Get Ruined for You and Your Family

Published by Georgann Pace

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Halloween night is the one night of the year where you can dress up and be scary. However it’s not just the costumes that can be scary, it’s the behavior of other people that may be prowling your neighborhood on this very night. You see just because Halloween night ends at around 8pm for you and your children, it does not mean it ends for everyone else.

Closing your doors and turning out your lights does not mean that you are safe from the majority of activities that go on right outside your door. Before I discuss tips you should be doing on Halloween night, let me tell you a bit about myself, and the Halloween night that changed my thoughts on everything.

I, Melissa Lynn, love Halloween night. I spend hours upon hours decorating my home inside and out, I throw a huge party every year a day before Halloween, or sometimes the day of. My decorations do not consist of cheap dollar store garbage, my decorations consist of expensive corpses, severed heads, electronic devices such as flying bats on fishing wire, fog machines, CD’s that play horror noises or scary music in the background, and a nice collection of expensive custom made pieces.

Every year I would take my time picking and adding new items, some of these items were even home made and one of a kind.

Each year I would begin decorating the yard and house at the end of September. Halloween for me, is like Christmas for others, you know the ones that go all out? Well that’s me, on Halloween.

A few years ago I was invited over to my sisters house on Halloween night, I didn’t want to go, nor did I want to stay long, because I enjoy getting dressed up and handing candy out to the kids in the neighborhood as they awe over my decorations. But seeing how she had been over my house every year, I went.

I stood later than I should have, but had no idea that I would come home to what I came home to.

Pulling into the driveway I knew something was wrong. My decorations had all been egged, my electronic bats had be stolen, either that they were pulled down and were laying somewhere on the lawn, my expensive corpses thank God were still there because they were too heavy to take. They were however knocked over. The fog machine that I had running in the yard was either kicked or smashed with something, because it was in pieces, my pumpkins had been smashed.

I wanted to cry. How my other neighbors missed this act of rebellion is still a question I ask myself today.

My Halloween had been ruined. My fun night went down the toilet, and I felt like crap for even trying to impress others with my decorations. No one would do this on an ordinary night, but because Halloween is the one night where strangers in your yard is acceptable, these strangers feel as if they have access, and are entitled to come into your yard and ruin things.

The next year I had learned my lesson. Either I had to stay home on Halloween night to keep an eye on the yard, or I had to bring in all of my decorations the night before. So this is what I do yearly. If know I’m not going to be home for Halloween I put my things away in the garage. I suggest you do the same, especially if you live in a high traffic area where you see tons of trick-or-treaters.

My next tip is a tip everyone should already know, and if you don’t shame on you!

Every year I hear horror stories about cats that had been killed by some sick son of a …..
My tip is an obvious tip, I’m not saying it will happen to your dog or cat, but you can never be too trusting, especially on this night, when people seem to have less self control than ever. So if you value your pets life keep them indoors on Halloween night.

On Halloween night, try to be present outside. People are less likely to drive by and egg your house if you are sitting there. If they do egg your house, you can hopefully react fast enough to get their plate number and call the cops.

My last piece of advice is to try and stay awake as late as you can. Vandalism usually occurs at midnight-2 in the morning.

Halloween night is supposed to be a fun a mysterious night, not a frightening horrible one. Its just sad that there are so many pieces of trash roaming the streets on this night, disrespectful, horrible people.


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