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Tons of Free Halloween Knitting Patterns Online

Published by Ernesto Fabroquez

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The Best Halloween and Autumn Knitting Patterns

Free knitting patterns at your figure tips, what could be better? There are some terrific Halloween projects free online; some patterns are easy enough for beginners and others a bit more challenging. Here are some of the available Halloween patterns on the net. Some of these patterns are suitable for Autumn decorations. So pick your pattern and start knitting . Perhaps you will even be able to make a dent in your yarn stash.


Would your costume look better with funky hair? If you want a more masculine hair style, try the outrageous Elvis Wig. Either way, these wigs are great ways to use up that extra acrylic yard that has been lurking in your closet for ages. What, there is not a yarn stash at your home? Then try Glow in the Dark Yarn.

Glow in the dark yarn

The yarn is manufactured by Bernat. It is for sale at local stores such as AC Moore or Michaels. The link provided will take you to the Mary Maxim site where there is plenty of yarn in stock. As an added bonus, you will find even more links to free Halloween patterns.

This yarn is available in six different shades. The fibers are acrylic. As for the glow factor, it gives off its eerie light for up to 15 minutes. Do not expect this fun yarn stay on the shelves long. In this economy, the stores are not keeping large amounts of inventory on handcrafters are making more of their own costumes. Get your yarn early so you are not disappointed.

Pumpkin Felted Bags

Pumpkin Felted Bags This is a gorgeous bag that can be used for treats. After Halloween, place a bowl in the basket (to protect your hard work) and display gourds and Indian corn in it as part of your Thanksgiving decorations..

If you would rather make a treat bag that is less time consuming but a bit more challenging try the Felted Halloween Trick or Treat bag. If you have not tried intarsia before, this is a great practice project as errors tend to melt away with felting. The patterns on the Lion Brand website are free; however, you need to register to see them.

Batty Dishcloth

Batty Dishcloth For an easy fast knitting project, why not make a festive bat dishcloth. Not only will it freshen up the kitchen for the holiday, but it will also be useful through out the year. If you have some friends that are into bats, why not whip up a few of these for Christmas presents or use them as Christmas in July presents. This way they will have there dishcloth when Halloween rolls around.

Candy Corn Cloth

This cloth is a bit more decorative, but it can still be useful as a hot-pad. There is probably a way to change the edges if you do not like the fringe; having not made the pattern myself, you will have to let me know if you come up with a variation.

Skully Dish Cloth

Yes, three patterns in a row of dishcloths; but one can never have enough dishcloths. This one is particularly cute. Make certain to click on the link. The Skully cloth is done in green; your friends will be green with envy when they spy it in your kitchen. If skulls are not your speed, there’s always the Pumpkin cloth.

Felted Pumpkins

Felted Pumpkins Felted pumpkins are perfect decorations for fall decor. By placing several felted pumpkins together, it will resemble a pumpkin patch. You will find directions for these patterns and others on the Knitty website.

Devil Hat Patterns

This hat is a fun for adults to wear when taking the tykes trick-or-treating. Speaking of the little ones, this adorable Lil’ Devil Baby Hat could easily be paired with all red clothing. Just make a long tail with a spike at the end and you have a inexpensive costume.

Corded Devils Tail instructions (Remember to make your gauge swatch when making the hat, if planning to make this tail. Make certain to make your swatch at least 5inches by 5 inches; it will be felted. If you did not make a gauge swatch, that is OK; purchase premade felt for this part of the craft.) Make the corded tail in the same color that you made the hat.

Cord Portion of the tail Make your standard I -cord using size 7 (don’t worry about gauge) double point needles, Cast on 4 stitches onto the needle. Make this as long as you want, then cast off. Use a safety pin to attach the tail to your clothing. If you put the safety pin on the inside of the clothing, no one will see how the tail is attached.

Felt your gauge swatch (or purchase felt); cut it into a triangle shape. Find the center of the largest side of the triangle. Attach your I-cord at this spot with yarn; weave the ends of the “yarn thread” into the I-cord.



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