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Top 10 Classical Halloween Songs

Published by Jeanmarie Tushoski

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10 Thrilling HalloweenTunes for a Successful Halloween

  1. Theme From Jaws. This song is full of suspense and reminds the listener of the horror of the classic movie, Jaws.
  2. Theme from Twilight Zone. This song is a great reminder of life’s unpredictable twists and turns, from the TV series, The Twilight Zone.
  3. Overture to Phantom of the Opera. Chosen for its somber, dramatic sound.
  4. Dark Shadows Theme. From the popular TV soap opera of the late 60’s, featuring vampires and werewolf, this song has a very haunting quality.
  5. Quentin’s Theme. A personal favorite. Slow and dramatic effect. Also called Shadow of the night, from the lyrics, “Shadows of the night, calling me to you, . echoes of the past. This song was also featured in Dark Shadows soap opera.
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas. Chosen for its delightful quality and memories of the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. An excellent choice for any Halloween event.
  7. Funeral March of the Marionette. A lighthearted song with a bewitching sound.
  8. Theme to Ghostbuster’s. Bernstein’s classic became a hit with the hilarious movie, Ghostbuster’s. This is an excellent Halloween song for younger listeners who may be easily frightened. Very lighthearted.
  9. Suite From Psycho. Who could forget the famous shower scene from the movie, Psycho.
  10. Danse Macabre. An excellent, suspenseful classic by Johnann Sebastian Bach.

Turn on the tunes and listen to this Halloween music to help you pick the perfect songs for your Halloween event.



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