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Top 10 Halloween Books for Young Adults

Published by Nadia Bickham

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Mysterious and Creative Titles to Help Teens Celebrate Halloween

Top 10 Halloween Books for Young Adults

Halloween is a time for vampires, ghosts, dressing up, and parties. This list is your go-to guide for Halloween this year. If you are looking for a good ghost or vampire story, try Wait Until Helen Comes or Suck it Up. If you are going trick-or-treating, maybe you will find a cool costume in The Halloween Handbook. With these titles, you can achieve a scary, mysterious, or entertaining Halloween this year!

  1. Halloween Party by R.L. Stine

Imagine getting an invite to a Halloween party at a haunted house. You can’t bring a friend and pranks are about to be pulled. Teen readers can’t go wrong with any of R.L. Stine’s books at Halloween time. They are a quick, easy read that promises to leave you guessing.

2. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvyn Schwartz and Stephen Gammell

This book is jam-packed with scary stories that only take a couple minutes to tell at a Halloween party. This book is popular in grade school, but I find my junior high students reminiscing while reading. It is still always checked out in my seventh grade classroom!

3.Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn

Do you want a good quality ghost story that will tug at your heart strings? Molly and Michael are freaked out by their new step-sister Helen. They must take care of her as she follows a ghost to their seeming doom…

4. Suck it Up by Brian Meehl

This new vampire book is on the Lonestar Award List this year in Texas. Morning, a teenage vampire, wants to be the first vampire to achieve superhero status. Readers can follow his superhero mission play out, after he graduates from the International Vampire League.

5. Tales of the Crypteids: Mysterious Creatures That May or May Not Exist by Kelly Milner Halls

What is cryptozoology? It is the study of creatures that might or might not be real. Read about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster in this colorful book.

6. Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven

What would you do if your best friend were suddenly possessed by an ancient demon? Jack and a new friend with superhuman powers travel through London and Hell to save Charlie

7. The Halloween Handbook: 447 Costumes by Bridie Clark

Are you sick of being a witch or football player for Halloween? Surprise your friends this year with a really creative costume. My favorite part of this book was the twist on words that teaches teens how to become a shooting star or a chick magnet.

8. Halloween: Customs, Recipes, and Spells by Silver Ravenwolf

Impress your friends with a Halloween party! You can now plan a party where you know the history of Halloween and you can even create your very own love potion. I was most impressed by the recipes in this Halloween book. (Snakes, popcorn balls, and brews.)

9. Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchak

Imagine your parents disappearing and giving you over to the care of a great-uncle that you have never met. This might seem cool at first, but Molly gets more scared as time goes on. Find out how Molly relies on her dreams and history to hopefully save her own life.

10. Don’t Look Behind You by Lois Duncan

April, a seventeen-year-old girl, lives a comfortable life until her father becomes a witness in a federal case. Her family must go into hiding and try to flee a killer!

Best wishes for a safe and Happy Halloween! I hope you can find scare, laugh, or treat in one of these ten titles!



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