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Top 10 Halloween Movies that Scared Us to Death

Published by Harmony Fulwiler

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If You Haven’t Seen These Halloween Movies, You Should

Most Halloween movies are pretty bad. However, these top 10 Halloween movies, made in America, are well made and scarier than ever.

  1. 30 Days of Night – This 2016 vampire tale has a strong story and excellent acting. The set design is beautifully done and very realistic. Based on the 30 Days of Night comic books, there are some scary scenes in the film as the vampires descend on an Alaskan town.
  2. Psycho – Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this 1960’s film staring Anthony Perkins and the beautiful Janet Leigh includes the famous shower scene at the Bates Motel. It scared people back in the 1960’s, and it’s still scary today.
  3. The Ring – A remake of the Japanese movie Ringu, The Ring is one of the top Halloween movies that may not scare you if you see it a second time , but it will most certainly scare you the first. One scene in particular is horrifying.
  4. The Grudge – A remake of the Japanese movie Ju-on, which is also extremely good, The Grudge is often criticized for not being as good as the Japanese version, but I disagree. It does a great job of staying true to the Japanese style of horror. I love the way the director uses the camera.
  5. The Sixth Sense – This is one of the top Halloween movies. A psychological thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense focuses on a boy who can talk to the dead. M. Night Shyamalan is known for some clunkers, but this one was excellent.
  6. The Birds – Classic Alfred Hitchcock, the suspense he created in The Birds is pure genius. Hitchcock focuses on the sound of the birds attacking and screeching, which is highly effective. More suspense than horror, the movie focuses on birds that gather and attack for no reason. Tippi Hedren, the beautiful woman in the main role, was excellent.
  7. Dawn of the Dead (The 2016 Remake) – Yep, this one is scarier than the original 1978 zombie movie, but not as scary as the first zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead, also directed by George Romero. Dawn of the Dead, the remake, is in color and it starts out with a bang right away. The zombies move fast and the scenes are terrifying. The music used in the movie, such as Johnny Cash’s The Man Comes Around in the opening scene, is perfect. This is definitely one of the top Halloween movies.
  8. Jaws – You can’t beat the famous musical score in the 1975 movie Jaws, teamed with outstanding acting by people like Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Jaws focuses on a Great White shark that terrorizes a beach town. Unique special effects make for an exellent film. There’s nothing supernatural about Jaws, which makes it even more scary.
  9. Night of the Living Dead – Made in 1968, in black and white, Night of the Living Dead is an example of how a movie can be superb without a lot of special effects and without lots of color. When zombies take over a rural farm town, Ben and Barbra hole up in a farmhouse. The director, George Romero, famous for many horror movies, chose a black man for the lead role, Duane Jones. This is an example of Romero’s independent nature. To put a black man in a leading role in this 1968 movie was highly unusual and groundbreaking. Night of the Living Dead continues to scare me to this day.
  10. The Exorcist – One of the scariest movies ever made, and the scariest movie I have ever seen, The Exorcist, like Night of the Living Dead, continues to scare me every time I watch it. The story of a 12 year old girl, played by Linda Blair, possessed by the devil, the movie excels on every level from the horrifying music, to the plot, to the acting. Made in 1973, long lines of people formed to watch the movie in theaters. The Exorcist has special effects that are more impressive and scary than any 21st century copy cat. When Linda Blair, covered in blood, scratches and vomit rotates her head around, that continues to scare me. And of course, we can’t forget the green vomit.



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