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Top 10 Halloween Songs for Your Haunted House

Published by Ardella Slovacek

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Ambient Songs to Create Chilling Atmospheres for Any Haunted Attraction

If there is one holiday that is more about mood and atmosphere then any other, it is Halloween. Finding that mix of fun and haunting, freighting and exciting will make or break any haunted house or Halloween party. Provided here are my top ten songs that project a mood that will enhance whatever you might be brewing this witching season.

10.) Theme to Halloween by John Carpenter: This song is so freighting in its simplicity, and helps to create the right type of mood for any party or haunted house. When this song plays, you know someone or something is coming for you, but what is coming for you, is best left to the imagination.

9.)Nox Arcana-Crystal Forest: From their album Winters Knight comes a mellow and hunting atmospheric lullaby that is sure to stir the mood of any haunted house you create. In fact, I highly recommend most of Nox Arcana’s catalog of Gothic classical music to stir the mood of that magical Halloween night. No one does more haunting themes then them. Best part is, you can enjoy their music all year round, as its beautiful for so many occasions to set the mood or just enjoy.

8.)Theme from The Fog: The theme from the fog is eerie and chilling. It really projects a mood of something lurking around the corner, waiting to leap and grab you. It causes one an unease to listen to it, yet it is delightful and beautiful to listen to. Playing this will sure grab the attention of many haunted house goers.

7.)Nox Arcana-Castle Dracula: its no small wonder that we are only at number seven on the list and we all ready have another Nox Arcana song. As stated before, they create theme that will create a total environment for the listener and create a mood that will haunt the listener long after the music has stopped.

6.) Tubular Bells Theme to the Exorcist: This is a hunting melody that also creates a sense of urgency in the listener without being a fast paced song or up tempo. Listening to this song should drive anyone into a state of panic that something could be right behind them.

5.) I.A. SERPENTOR- In Nomine Noctis: Off of their album Onoskelis, comes a haunting and natural kind of ambient music that is akin to the kind of atmosphere created by the Halloween theme. The use of natures natural music; wind blowing, crickets chirping, help to drive home the sense of being alone on a street at night, with nothing but your thought that serve to betray you into thinking someone is coming for you.

4.) Classic Undertaker theme music: It might sound a little hokey including a WWE wrestler’s theme song on a list of top then, but nothing is spookier then funeral music, especially at Halloween and is sure to help create whatever kind of atmosphere you are looking for. It should be noted that this is a review for the original theme used in the early 90’s, not the most current one.

3.) Nox Arcana- Labyrinth of Dreams: Yes, they appear for a third time on this list and if it wasn’t for the sake of variety, they might very well as the entire top then. They are very, very good at what they do and what they do is create chillingly beautiful, hauntingly good songs that are sure to stir emotions in all but the undead. One listen to his dark, fairy tale type of song and you’ll know why they take three spots on this list.

2.) I.A. SERPENTOR- In Articulo Mortis: Off of their album Yog-Sothoth, comes another theme that combines the natural sounds of nature, chilling as they may be, with the Gothic kind of musical ambiance that makes for a unique sound that is almost like no other. One listen and I am sure you will agree.

1.)Nightmare on Elm St Theme- 1,2 Freddy’s coming for you…Everyone knows who Freddy is, he is like Jesus or Santa Clause, kids know his name and are afraid of him before they even hit third grade. His theme is one of the weirdest, ambient tunes there are. It creates both a mood and atmosphere that is sure to send a chill up the spine of anyone. Coffee, anyone?

As with anything, some people will agree with me that this music will help enhance the mood of the night of all Hallows eve, and others will disagree to the point of insults, but this isn’t so much a review to be like “Here, this is what should be played” this is more to get you on your way to finding music that helps you to create your total nightmarish environment for the Halloween Season.



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