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Top 5 Halloween Alternatives

Published by Zena Droke

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I am a parent that chooses not to take my young children trick or treating. So finding some fun and exciting alternatives for them was a must. I want my children to enjoy the night in a fun, safe way for their age group. Halloween makes them tired and sore from walking and being up so late, sense they are still young. So we came up with a few ideas at home that are fun for many!

  1. Festival Night

Have a festival night for your kids. They can choose a few friends and family members to come over. Pick a few goodies and games to do. Have face painting, a pumpkin carving contest, goody bags, etc. So Many different choices. Have prizes for winners of games/contests. Choose a theme for the party, besides just Halloween. You could pick pumpkins and all games, goodies and decorations can revolve around this item. The possibilities are endless for a fun festival night!

  1. Halloween Movies

Have a Halloween movie night. Choose a few different, age appropriate, Halloween movies to watch. Make some popcorn, cuddle up and enjoy movies together. It is relaxing, family oriented, and can also be a great way to enjoy a safe night.

  1. Art Projects

One more fun idea is to plan out Halloween art projects. Kids love art. Getting into some glitter, markers, and glue is so much fun!There are Halloween coloring pages, they could make their own Halloween book, make fun pumpkin face puzzles and put them back together, make puppets, and so much more! These are safe and kid friendly alternatives to going out on Halloween night.

  1. Baking

My kids love to bake, as do many others. So why not make the night fun with baking? Choose a few recipes before Halloween night. Pick ones that are Halloween themed. Ghost cookies, pumpkin soup, bake some pumpkin seeds, or make pumpkin bread. It makes the night fun and yummy. Plus, you could have them bring some of the goodies to family or friends to share on Halloween.

  1. Pumpkin Carving

I think that one of the most special parts of Halloween is carving the pumpkins with our kids. It doesnt have to all be done before Halloween night or even at all, until Halloween night. I like to have my kids choose a couple pumpkins each. Then we all sit out front and carve together. I like to have bowls ready for the seeds. Wash cloths for hands. Snacks and drinks for breaks. Music playing is also nice. I take pictures and there are so many laughs and so much warmth.

So this Halloween if you plan to stay home or choose not to go out anywhere anyways. Try these ideas. There fun, full of family, and much more important, the kids enjoy all of them. All five can be done together or you can just do a couple. What ever your choose, have lots of fun!
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