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Top 5 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Published by Jerri Kitchin

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Halloween will be here soon, and for most of the little ones it means way too much candy in one setting. Although we adults know that too much sugar is bad for us, it’s going to be tricky to get the little ghosts and goblins to accept apples or raisins without crinkling their noses up with disgust.There are a few ideas on candy alternatives that you can try though. One thing to remember is that sight plays a big role in what all of us are willing to put into our mouths. If it looks good it probably is, or so our brains seem to think anyway. Children are the same.

My first suggestion for a candy free treat would be to buy colorfully decorated Halloween bags and fill them with a variety of healthy snacks. You can pick up packages of several containers of trail mix as one item. (Note that trail mix may not be suitable for toddlers as it may pose a choking hazard). You can also use the snack sized crackers in different flavors and varieties. Adding a small box of raisins might trick some of them into actually tasting them.

Another alternative would be to use the same bags for treats such as a bottle of bubbles to blow and maybe a pair of fake plastic fangs. Stickers and fake tattoos are always popular also. The key is to put a variety of small items in the bag, because it’s fun to have several things to open.

You can always give out sugar free gum, but keep in mind that some of this contains Sorbitol, which can work on some children as a laxative. Not much fun when you are out trick or treating to have that side effect kick in. Also the fact that it is made with a chemical suggests to me that it is almost as bad or worse then real sugar, but that’s only my opinion.

Party favors like plastic sun glasses, pencils that are decorated in a Halloween theme, or a toy like a set of Jacks would be fun. With these you could add something like a gummy bear type of treat made of fruit juice.

If you want to give out an actual sweet treat, you can make a few batches of Halloween sugar cookies. Although parents that don’t know you may hesitate to give a home made, unwrapped treat to their children, family members will love them. You can cut the cookies out in the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins or any other Halloween style cookie cutter you can find. If the cookies are made from scratch, they will at least be semi-good for the kids compared to a chemically based, artificially sweetened or colored candy.

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