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Top 5 Halloween Party Theme Ideas for This Year

Published by Anthony Fukada

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Ah, Halloween, time for kids to go out begging for candy. It is also time to dress up and be something/someone else for one night of the year and not be considered a freak. Along with trick or treaters come the fun night of parties and get togethers. This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, making it a great night to have a party-but to have a kick butt time you need to set a theme.

Here is a list of top five Halloween party themes and some helpful ideas to make it a night to remember.

  1. Bloody Banquet-Searching around on line to help me with some ideas I came across this website that has this theme listed: http://www.party411.com/holidays-halloween97.html. So, naturally I looked at it and thought, wow, what a gory and gruesome idea-I think I am going to have to try it this year! I would like to give hints and details but the sit lists everything from invitations to costumes. However, if you are like me and on a budget this year-you might want to do a few do-it yourself ideas. For example-create your own invitations with the same central theme. Be creative and make it your own. There are decorating kits on the site but take the ideas and use fake blood on the table and be creative. Get red/blood them food together (fruit punch or tomato juice, etc).
  2. Night of the Living Dead-I think this is interesting and you can put your own twists on it. Have people dress up has dead movie stars, musicians, historical figures, only they have to come looking dead-how the person died. For example, if the person died in a plane accident then the guest has to come dressed like the famous person only disfigured in some way. Have music playing of famous people who are no longer alive. Put tomb stones up on the walls with the names and dates of historical figures.
  3. Ghosts and Goblins-Browsing around trying to find different ideas for my own party I stumbled across this website: http://www.theholidayspot.com/halloween/party_ideas/and it has a theme called Ghosts and Goblins and so many ideas. Your guests have to dress has a monster or something creepy. There is a recipe for a graveyard cake and I love it (will be trying it out myself.) An idea for this (and the above theme) is to make invitations out of card board in the shape of a ghosts or tomb stone. Have a haunted house set up (see website for more details).
  4. Movie Characters-So why not go Hollywood, only dress up has characters from movies. This opens up a lot of possibilities for your guest. The invitations can be made from cardboard in the shape of a DVD or Movie Reel (anything to do with movies). Decorate your house with movie posters and serve food from different movies (for example have a section of food dedicated to the Mike Myers: Halloween or to Adam Sandlers movie Funny People). Have popular movies playing in the background or music from movies.
  5. Vampire Theme-I hesitated to use this one but Vampiresare a very big subject with True Blood, Twilight, etc. How can you not at least consider this idea. Have your house dark and tombstones and caskets (not real-use refrigerator boxes or card board). Make red drinks for blood. Have crosses and garlic hanging up. Your invitations can be the shape of a casket.

Whatever you decide to do have fun with it and be creative. Involve other people and get some ideas-have a fun and safe Halloween!



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