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Top 5 Halloween Party Themes

Published by Veta Kannady

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As Halloween starts to creep up on us, we begin to think about Halloween parties. By using this guide, you can get some cute themed Halloween party ideas. Halloween party ideas don’t have to be expensive or complicated, as you will see.

Batman Party

With Batman still so popular, this Halloween party theme will surely be a good time. A Batman Halloween party theme is the perfect backdrop for your Halloween party theme. Make bat theme inspired invitations from your computer. For the address, you can put a fake Gotham City location, but make sure your guests know where you really live! Instruct your guest to wear their best “bat attire.” When your guests arrive, they will be greeted at the door by none other than Alfred the butler, all decked out in his butler regalia (you can be Alfred!). Your guests will be welcomed into the illustrious Wayne Manner. Put crisp white table cloths on your tables and adorn with small white candles. Make sure your lighting is dim. Decorate your house with anything that is evocative of an old mansion. Hang up some old portraits and hang up an old chandelier if you can scare on up at a second hand store. Try to find a rotary phone to use as a prop. On the “record player” play 1960’s jazzy music. Add a few centerpieces with bat items that you can find at the party store. Since the original Batman television show was set in the 1960’s try serving ’60’s inspired comfort foods like fried chicken and mashed potatoes. For dessert you can serve chocolate cake. Don’t forget the martinis! Have “Alfred” go around with trays of drinks and canapes!

Haunted House Party

What better Halloween party theme to use that a haunted house party. Transform your home into a spooky haunted house. Make mummy inspired invitations to send to your guests and inform them on the invitation to “attend at their own risk.” Blacken out the windows in your house and change out some of your light bulbs to an eerie orange or purple. You can buy haunted house decoration kits at the party store. Strategically place scary cut-outs of mummies, black cats and witches around the house and suspend plastic bats from the ceiling. Get some scary skulls from the party store and place them on your tables, illuminated by small votive candles. Play scary Halloween music and Halloween sound effect CD’s to add to the creepy atmosphere. Serve, “gross” textured foods such as pasta with red sauce.

“Twilight” Themed Party

This will be one of the top Halloween party themes this year. First, decorate your home in black and red, the “Twilight” signature colors. Your tablecloths, invitations and even candles should be black and red. Get some fabric at the fabric store and fashion red and black curtains to hand on your windows. Change out your light bulbs and replace them with red light bulbs. Everyone should be instructed to dress like characters from the movie. To pass the time, play a “Twilight” trivia games. Food ideas include anything red and red soda or fruit punch to drink!

Sponge Bob Party

You can’t go wrong with a Sponge Bob Halloween party theme. Send out your pineapple inspired invitations and invite your guests to “Bikini Bottom”. Instruct them to dress like their favorite “Sponge Bob” character. Turn your home into a seascape of plastic fish hanging from the ceiling, placing pineapples on the tables and switching out your light bulbs for blue ones. You want to capture that “under the sea” look. Hang up cheap posters of “Sponge Bob” that you can get from a drug store and place some sea shells on the tables. You could get a few of those kid’s plastic buckets and shovels and fill them with sand for your centerpieces. Don’t forget to play some peppy Hawaiian music to set the tone. You will, of course serve “Crabby Patties” , aka hamburgers for your meal!

Football Party

The football party is a perfect fall Halloween party theme. Send out your football inspired invitations that request the presence of guests dressed in football regalia. They can either dress up like football players, referees or cheerleaders. Decorate your home with the colors of your favorite team. Your tablecloths, napkins and paper cups can be purchased at a party store with a football them on them. In keeping with the sports theme, make a CD of football inspired songs. If you are from Chicago, or if you like the Chicago Bears, you could play “The Super Bowl Shuffle”, performed by none other than Super Bowel Champs, the Chicago Bears!! No football Halloween party theme would be complete without chips, dip and beer. Remember – no beer, or any alcohol if minors will be in attendance. Serve foods such as burgers, hot dogs and nachos.

Have fun with these themed Halloween party ideas!



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