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Top Christmas Gifts for Teens: Best Gift Card, Laptop Computers, and Teen Book Gift Ideas

Published by Kathy Rueluas

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Earlier this year, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that even as total retail sales continued to decline, online retail sales actually increased. Consumers may be taking advantage of the convenience and savings from deals, factory-direct priding, and combined shipping often associated with shopping online.

What Do Teens Want for Christmas This Year?

Parents and other family members can save money and cut the Christmas budget by choosing two or three gifts teens will actually love, rather than showering them with the hottest and latest trends, hoping they’ll be pleased with a few of the choices.

Teens often have a good idea of what they would like for Christmas, so ask before making any major purchases. It’s always nice to open a surprise gift on Christmas morning; use the following ideas for inspiration to find the perfect gift for teens on your list.

Visa Gift Cards Thoughtful Gifts for Teens

Teens hate getting clothing for Christmas… or do they? Often, they just don’t like clothes they didn’t pick out themselves. Gift cards are a great way to give teens choice and the freedom to choose their own gift. It’s not a cop-out. Take the teen shopping, making it a day away together, and it’s still a thoughtful gift.

Prepaid Visa gift cards are sold in different denominations and allow the teen to use the card anywhere Visa cards are accepted, to buy clothing, music, video games, books, or anything else they’ve had on their wish list.


Laptop Computers are Useful Gifts for Teens

All teens can appreciate a laptop computer, whether they’re a gamer, a serious student, or a social media junkie. Find out what type of laptop computer and programs teens need by asking questions about:

  • how much content they download to their current computer or laptop
  • what they use it for most: homework, gaming, keeping in touch with friends, etc.
  • whether they use graphic-heavy games or programs
  • which accessories they may need, such as a printer, webcam, or external speakers.

Use this information to research several different laptop computers and choose a company with good customer support and a warranty.

A Portable Ebook Reader Takes Teen Books on the Go

Ebook readers like Amazon’s Kindle, Bebook, or Sony’s ebook reader are great gifts for teens. A portable ebook reader is useful for catching up on homework reading while sitting at the bus stop, or swooning over the latest in the Twilight series when they should be reading homework while sitting at the bus stop.

Check out the features of several portable ebook reader models before buying; some can also upload music or text documents.

Shopping for Gifts for Teens Online Can Be Easy

Use credit cards when shopping online, for the added purchase protection offered by credit card companies. Try to buy several items from one online store to take advantage of combined shipping deals. Websites like Gifts.com or AllGiftsforTeens.com offer a wide range of gift ideas for teens available online.

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