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Top Five Halloween Shops in Houston, Texas

Published by Brady Giusti

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Fall is my favorite season. As the leaves change color and start falling to the ground, you can bring out your favorite scarf and sweater and layer up for the crisp nights. My favorite holiday is also during this time, Halloween. To me, it’s the opportunity to let your creative juices flow and pretend to be someone else for one night. And that to me just spells fun. As a resident of Houston, I searched for the best and most unique Halloween stores in town that not only had a good selection but also a fair price. Even though economically times are tough, I do not recommend trying to make your own costume (unless you are a designer, of course). If you do not have the technical training, making your own costume can be costly and time consuming, ultimately taking away from time you could spend having a good time. In fact, many times you can find a great costume that actually costs less than if you tried to make it yourself.

My first choice is Arne’s Warehouse. Located at 2830 Hicks Street off the Katy freeway, it’s easy to find and not too far out of town. This place is huge! It’s not specifically for Halloween costumes, but any theme party you could ever want to do. Not only does it offer a fantastic selection, since it’s a warehouse all the costumes are going for a cheap price! You can find a great costume for around $30, and the quality is good enough that you could wear the costume again the next year. I definitely recommend checking this place out as you shop around for your perfect costume. Because they cater for all sorts of theme events, you have accessories galore to choose from! You can definitely walk into this place and walk out with your own custom costume.

My second choice would have to be Halloween Express. There is one located of Highway 6 which is definitely out of the way for many people. Lets face it though, a lot of the good Halloween stores are not going to be centrally located, and if you’re a Halloween fan like me, it’s worth the extra commuting. Halloween Express is very popular, so as you get closer to Halloween sizes will sell out. However, they keep the store stocked pretty well, so I have always been able to find a costume that I like in my size. The prices are higher though, with a good costume costing about $60. Worth a look if you’re closer to this part of town. You can find some accessories here, but it’s not the best place to look if you’re trying to create something unique and not mainstream or trendy.

My third choice is the Spirit Halloween store. It’s very similar to the Halloween Express store, a lot of times carrying the same exact costumes. There is one located in the Galleria area. If you work in this area, pop into this store to see what you can find. There is always a great selection of accessories, such as hats, swords, or shoes. Not too many masks, they generally stick to what was popular for the year. The prices run high here as well, expect to spend about $60 for a decent costume. Good location and definitely worth a look if only to get ideas on a costume.

My fourth choice is Frankel costume. Located in downtown Houston, this place has been around for years. They really try to keep a good variety, but since it is in a popular location, you need to get here early if you want to get a decent costume in your size. They also have a great website that’s clean, orderly, and you can order a costume in case you don’t find it in the store. The average price for a costume is $50. Accessories run pretty standard, I think for the more popular costume choices you can find what you need. I was pleased with it. One thing to note is the quality on the costumes is a little bit more on the cheap side than I would have liked. I don’t think you could wear the costume again the next year if you wanted to. This costume store is part of the Houston landscape, and if you live in the area, drop by sometime soon to see what they have to offer.

Finally, my fifth choice is Danny’s Trix and Kix. This store is located in Spring, way out my way and out of the way for most people. It’s specialty, so selection on costumes is definitely limited. Prices are various, ranging from $35-50. For the selection and price, I say go someplace else. A lot of the costumes you can find at other stores for less and you can find a better selection.

Well, that’s it. I hope this gives a good overview of what’s available where. Depending on where you live in Houston, try one of the places I mentioned that’s closest to you as your starting point. Have a safe and happy Halloween!



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