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Top Halloween Party Themes for 2016

Published by Inocencia Mcgaha

Halloween party is a fun way to celebrate the season and gives you an excuse to deck yourself out in a new costume. A themed Halloween party can be even more fun, a chance for guests to dress up in unique costumes and try their hand at themed games during the event. This year’s movies and TV shows provide plenty of inspiration for your unique event; here are some of the top Halloween party theme ideas for 2016:

Halloween Party 2016: Batman the Dark Knight
Set up your own Batman-inspired setting with a costume contest and food decorated with the theme colors from the popular summer hit. Batman figurines and cartoon cutouts can easily turn into convenient cake toppers for cupcakes and special occasion desserts, and you can decorate the venue with black, yellow and dark grey balloons and streamers. This is also a fun Halloween party theme for kids.

Halloween Party Theme: Indiana Jones
If you’re a fan of the older movie lineup, don’t be afraid to recreate the Temple of Doom in your household. Indiana Jones fever continues on into 2016, and is a great Halloween Party theme for all ages. You can deck out the banquet table with unique European foods and set up a scavenger hunt for the Crystal Skulls.

Halloween Party 2016: The Chronicles of Narnia
This epic storybook adventure came to life in 2016, and is a magical theme with lots of creative potential for your party. You can ask guests to dress up as their favorite character and finish their own quest or treasure hunt for prizes. Young kids will also enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia goodie bags or a piñata party with one of the leading characters.

Halloween Party Theme: Rocky Horror Picture Show
It’s a classic theme that will never cease to entertain, and you can modernize the event by setting up a plasma TV-screening of the movie, enlisting your cast of characters online with a blog, and holding a costume contest for all guests who dress as a character for a movie.

Halloween Party 2016: Star Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars was another summer blockbuster for 2016, giving you plenty of reasons to create a themed party around the cast of characters. You can set up character cutouts of Darth Vader or Princess Leia around your home, and invite guests to dress up as their favorite character, and encourage everyone to play Star Wars trivia games, or even set up a Star Wars game tournament online.

From the Crystal Skulls scavenger hunt from the Indiana Jones celebration to the costume contest at the Rocky Horror Picture Show bash, you have several options for making your Halloween party stand apart from the rest. Invite your guests to any of these themed celebrations for an unforgettable event!

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