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Top Horror Soundtracks for Halloween Music

Published by Brady Giusti

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Scary, Tense, and Suspense-Filled Halloween Music

Whether you are looking for Halloween spooky songs to dance the night away at your ghoulish Halloween party, or want creepy, Gothic sound effects to scare trick-or-treat seekers there are a great number of songs and Halloween sound tracks from which to choose.

Once you have made the decision, browse through the following lists to find songs and sound effects that will make your Halloween celebration complete.

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For hardcore Halloween fans who want to give their Halloween visitors the creeps and spook them choose dramatic organ and ambient filled music. Sinister sounds from your favorite scary movie offer chilling tracks, as do forbidding and bloodcurdling tracks developed specifically to add fright to Halloween night.

The following songs and sound tracks are among the top ten for Halloween background music for your favorite Halloween night activities.

Top Ten Soundtracks for Halloween Music: Halloween and Halloween II

Pay attention to what you are buying when you purchase the soundtrack from HalloweenThe original motion picture soundtracks from Halloween and Halloween II are filled with spine-chilling, heart-throbbing Halloween Music. From the suspense filled heart-throb of a pounding base (only on the remix) to songs filled with imminent doom. Halloween was among the first synthesized horror movie score classics. Both sound tracks will help create a sense of dread as children near your door to trick-or-treat.

Top Ten Soundtracks for Halloween Music: Psycho: The Original Motion Picture Score

My recommendation is that you purchase the soundtrack for the Psycho film remake. As much as it has been tried, there was never an original soundtrack recorded for the original. Attempts to capture the drama, murder, and psychosis of the original have all fallen short.

Psycho, the remake, has richer, deeper sound quality and offers the scene music we have all come to associate with the classic horror including The MurderThe Clean UpThe CurtainThe Search, The Knife, and many more. The Psycho soundtrack will unnerve even your most stoic Halloween visitors.

Top Ten Soundtracks for Halloween Music: The Fog

The Fog is one of John Carpenter’s epic gothic scores that gained him acclaim as a horror cult classic score composer. The original soundtrack is around $50 if you can find it. Remakes are available, but the original has the most spine-tingling effects.

For disturbing background Halloween music that will foster dread, fear, and panic don’t pass on The Fog soundtrack.

Top Ten Soundtracks for Halloween Music: Saw 2 Original Soundtrack

Saw 2, the original soundtrack, offers a hair-raising array of dark, gloomy, and threatening music. There is enough alarm mixed on the score soundtrack to add anxiety and a sense of panic. Saw and Saw II are terror filled tracks that may leave your guests feeling their need to flee. Don’t hold back as the looming threat is built in the songs on the track of spine-chilling dread.

Top Ten Soundtracks for Halloween Music: The Exorcist- Music Excerpts (from 1973 Film)

Would Halloween be so sweet without the sounds of The Exorcist filling the night? Don’t miss the sinister Tubular Bells, and other panic filled tracks from the screamingly violent to dark, ominous strings. Screams, demon possession, and unadulterated terror mark the soundtrack the mark the movie of the same classic cult genre.

Top Ten Songs and Soundtracks for Halloween Music: Themes of Horror

Themes of Horror is a soundtrack by horror movies’ greatest score composers Pat Ballard, John Carpenter, Pino Donaggio, Bernard Herrmann, and Christopher Komeda. Themes of Horror includes title songs from Psycho, Thy Fly, Carrie, Friday the 13th, Rosemary’s Baby, Silence of the Lambs, and Halloween. Also included in this diverse soundtrack of the great ghouls of horror are The Hellraiser Theme and Tubular Bells.

If you prefer a mix to an original soundtrack, Themes of Horror should be your disturbing soundtrack of choice for your Halloween background music.

Top Ten Songs and Soundtracks for Halloween Backgroun Music: Unbreakable Soundtrack

Unbreakable has a suspense filled soundtrack that will set an appropriate Halloween tone of darkness, gloom, and sinister turns. Bloodcurdling, panic driven run away songs will make your guests feel both creepy and paranoid. This is a perfect soundtrack for Halloween background music.

Top Ten Songs and Soundtracks for Halloween Background Music: Signs Soundtrack

Signs may not have been a soundtrack you would have expected to find on the top ten Halloween soundtrack list, but it certainly belongs. This is one of those soundtracks that creates suspense and mystery. From quiet interludes to the swelling sounds of strings this music will keep guests guessing and maybe even looking over their shoulder. Eerily atmospheric sounds chill the soul and are punctuated by percussions that will rattle your nerves. For thrills and chills give Signs a try.

Top Ten Songs and Soundtracks for Halloween Music: Carrie Movie Soundtrack

Carrie is among cult horror film classics that provide disturbing, spine-chilling music. Carrie holds operatic components that are both melodramatic and foreboding. The soundtrack takes you from unrequited love to violence and rage. Many fans credit the success of Carrie with the ominous depth of the soundtrack score. This is a score that actually has melody and movement that follows the melodrama of Carrie. The soundtrack for Carrie was composed by Pino Donaggio, who is also credited with creating haunting movie scores for Dressed to Kill, The Body Double, and the Howling, among others.

Top Ten Songs and Soundtracks for Halloween Music: Horror! Monsters, Witches, and Vampires

Horror! Is a compilation of a number of cult horror classics that will thrill and chill your Halloween guests. The Omen, The Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Curse of the Werewolf, and the theme from Halloween are included among these Halloween soundtrack favorites by great horror composers like John Carpenter and James Bernard.

An eclectic blend of terror and dread, Horror! Offers a great mix of Halloween classics to unnerve and frighten your Halloween guests.



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